Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Tiaras, baubles, beads and zombies

The first reveal of bead soup is coming this weekend! It’s always so fun to see what everyone comes up with especially since I often secretly design with soups in my head and it great to see how different a take is actually produced.   (shhh you didn’t hear that).

You’ve got to love how Lori plans a party complete with beautiful tiara.  I can say I’m all prepared on that front

iphone 198

Sharing happy meals on my birthday last week was a spur of the moment decision.  My toy was a tiara!   I had to snap this pic in the bathroom mirror as someone was laughing at me trying to manage my tiara and sunglasses atop my head.  I think it’s a keeper.

The resin bauble challenge that Lorelei through down is going to be revealing Friday and I tell ya it’s exciting that my piece is all done and photographed and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else has come up with with this odd little beauties.

Zombies, yes, I too have caught the fever despite my resistance.  I think it was the end of the second season of the Walking Dead that I started watching it myself.  That’s as opposed to leaving the room with my nose turned up as my hubby would watch.  So I’ve been sucked in and am spending my evenings catching up.

I’m not comfortable working with polymer on my lap at all.  I would hate the idea of losing track of 6” blades in the sofa for starters. So I decided some seed beads would be a great addition to my bead soup since I had planned some the last time and it hadn’t come to fruition.  This time though, I set out a bit ambitious and while it may be beginners luck I am liking the looks of it.  Can’t wait to share come the second reveal!

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  1. Love the tiara! ...a very cute shot. Though not a participant, I am looking forward to what you all come up with in Laureli's challenge ;)


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