Saturday, 2 March 2013

Focus on life–week 9–knock, knock!

I dare you not to say who’s there – too late!
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This week our prompt from Sally Russick for the gang following along on the focus of life series:
“Let's open some doors to see what awaits us on the other side.”
I had the perfect opportunity already brewing, the weather and the car gods tried to conspire against me, but I did make it out my front door, um with no time to snap a picture, but not to worry I had more planned.
car door on arrival
This is my car door, with feature of the worth-every-penny snow tires.  I’m not a nervous driver in winter weather, but snow tires makes it really that much easier once allowing for plenty of time and plenty of space on the roads. The advantage of living somewhere with lots of snow regularly, is that the machines to make it go away are readily available.  The next door I was headed for was up a snowy little path, hidden by the trees above.  I could already smell the wood smoke from the fires that burn there.

on the path

I’ve been along this path before but never in snow and never at night.  Lanterns like the photo on the left, line both sides of the stone steps, I bet it is magical in the dark.  On the right, you see my destination becoming clear…

the door to the nordik

Just as a start to climb the last set of stairs, a bunch of snow falls from some upper branches, but it’s hard to make out on the left photo, I was a bit slow.  Then I stroll along the porch remembering a time I was here before with three dear friends, lined up waiting to get in.  On the right – the door!

What a let down.

It’s a little dull to me so I just walked in.  I stopped to text my husband to let him know I had arrived safely and the car (which started the day with a dead battery) was fine, the roads were fine (25cm of snow overnight), and I made good time.  Then I looked up and noticed, this door is a million times better looking from the inside. 


I was standing in the foyer of Le Nordik an incredible spa just 40 minutes or so from my door.  Now inside, breathing in the eucalyptus infused air, realizing it really wasn’t that cold, probably right around 0C and this would have been the perfect day for the baths in winter.  But damn! In my haste I didn’t stop to consider that and hadn’t brought my swimsuit. My previous experiences have been in summer with their nordic baths:

From their site: “The Technique”
Warm up in a sauna or steam bath for 10 to 15 minutes. Do a quick pass under the Nordic waterfall or take a dip in the cold or temperate pool for a few seconds. Rest fifteen minutes in one of our relaxation areas, outside or inside. Repeat this ritual three or four times, finally immersing yourself in one of our whirlpools for a moment of total relaxation.

But on this particular day I was headed to my very first ever massage appointment.  A 90 minute Volcanic Stone Massage.  It was quite incredible.  I’m spoiled forever, I could never have another massage without all that heat. It was just perfect.

I  may just be a complete hermit, but have you ever seen magnetic lockers? You get a rubber bracelet with a magnet in it nice and waterproof, and you just hold the magnet up and it unlocks the locker – genius.  I would have snapped a better picture but I was trying not to creep out the change room full of ladies.
photo (21)

Moving on.  There was one more door I was certain I was going to go through, really just a minute more down the road.  “Une Boulangerie dans un village” I had no idea that’s what it was called, I’ve known it as the “Chelsea Bakery” since I was six years old and my best friend’s mother had a thing for éclairs on the way to their family cottage.

chelsea bakery

Again, the door wasn’t much to look at.  But my lunch contained at least a dozen ingredients, Moroccan chicken with cumin, almonds, carrot, cinnamon, and a bunch of other things she told me after I pointed “that one”.  Basically, it doesn’t matter, everything that I’ve ever eaten from there has been the most delicious food.  This did not disappoint.

I did grab a tuna (and on and on) panini to take home to hubby.  I delivered it on the driveway and let him know I was just going to be “out” until later.  Yes, fuelled by luxury and fine food I ran away from home for a few hours one Thursday afternoon.  If I told you where else I went I’d ruin it.  It was a good day.

Thank you for indulging me! I’m off to hear about all the wonderful things the rest of the gang has hidden behind doors, head to the Studio Sublime for all the links.

Also special thanks to Erin Prais-Hintz for her post back on week 3, and our conversation that followed, I’m thankful for her encouragement and …shall we say… gentle threats, to do this. So glad I did.


  1. what a great post! i was right there, walking beside you... wish i could have had the massage - it sounds amazing!!

  2. You have such an amazing way of writing your blog posts! I have never once had a professional masssage and several bloggers have mentioned these recently...something to think about!

  3. is the perfect time of year for spa treatments...your post has encouraged me to make an appointment right now! And the photos of the door from the inside are better...beautiful!

  4. Mmmm, doors that hold many secrets!

  5. Ooh, lucky lady. And what beautiful images!

  6. Seems a lot of us got foiled by snow this week... it does make pretty pictures but it covered up all my lvoely green grass!... that spa sounds like fun!

  7. Love your travels through the different doors (that volcanic massage sounds wonderful!). Love the pics of the snow and glad I am not living with it :)

  8. Oh, the doors you were able to walk through and the experiences they held! Oh yes,...sounds like it was a beautiful day. I do adore all your snow pics,....even though I'm not one to live where it snows, I love to see them, so thank you - yours are beautiful!

  9. Thanks for taking us to the spa with you. What a delightful place made all the more beautiful with mounds of snow. I have had a hot stone massage and they are simply the best! Not sure if they were volcanic stones or not?

  10. Oh man ... you need to take a few of us with you next time (pick me!) that looks amazing! I've never had a volcanic stone massage, but I think I want that! What fun - thanks for taking us through your spa-cation!

  11. Oh, yes, you ran away - splendid :) I need to do that one day too - have a massage and find myself something beautiful to do. Your post really made me smile, your doors opened to so many opportunities and adventures; love it!

  12. The spa sounds heavenly. Thanx for sharing your great pics.

  13. Um, WOW! I LOVE your story and would love to run-away too! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  14. The volcanic stone massage sounds wonderful, Sounds like a good cold weather adventure.

  15. Oh I love your door adventure! Sounds divine.

  16. Doors are what you make of them...thanks for the adventure! Do you suppose my son would give me a hot stone massage?? No....I doubt it too. :-(

  17. The picture from the inside is amazing! I like how you run away!

  18. That sounds like an amazing day. All of those doors are wonderful.

  19. Those are doors that I would love to go to through. Thank you for sharing your day with us.

  20. Girl! You are brave! I was on my way to work last week and turned around because of heavy rain, and worked from home that day. We had a hail that day for about 30 seconds :)

  21. Wonderful experience for such a greuling trip. So glad you made it, enjoyed it, and shared it with us.

  22. Heaven! I am in love with your doors! Glad it was such a wonderful day.


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