Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dear Spring,

Seriously, what gives?

snow feet

Why are my bare feet stuck in boots, stuck in snow?

melt faster

I see a little melting.

more snow

But look at this mess!


I see you sun, but you need to TRY HARDER!
yellow stick
I wondered do people in warm climates know what the yellow stick is? Does everywhere with snow use yellow?

I felt a little self conscious carrying my camera to the mail box with me taking these.  So I decided to go all in with a couple cliché type shots. ie my feet above, and below back on my door mat.

front step

This one was from the other day, mid complete studio overhaul – more on that later.  But I looked up while taking a picture at a different angle, decided I just had to take one of “those” pictures I hadn’t taken yet.

fake spring

See that spring – I have to settle for FAKE flowers. [ In defense of the filthy mirror it was found buried a few hours before and stuck on the nearest available screw.]


By the way, some are smart enough to dig out the hydrant denoted by the yellow stick.  I hope the others will all be sprouting soon as the snow melts – faster, faster!


  1. Yeah,well, more tomorrow dontcha know...Happy Sping, neighbour! (relatively speaking...)

  2. Ooooooh.... That's what the yellow stick is for! I was puzzled for a while there :) I sure am glad we don't have such mountains of snow here in England o_O

  3. Learned something new--the yellow stick! Great blog!

  4. Um, feeling a little better about our 6 inches, seeing you have...a bit more. And I know that the daffodil buds are under there somewhere! I've seen them.

  5. seriously - what gives? where is spring? and hey ... I think the groundhog lied

  6. We got our fist snowstorm of the winter yesterday. We already have (had?) spring so this is most unwelcome. I actually went out to cut my daffodils to bring inside before the snow came. And I'd forgotten about the sticks on the hydrants. We don't do that here! I (normally) love our climate in the Ozarks.

  7. Oh, I so understand!! I must say, I laughed when I saw your last picture...I think you and I live in identical townhouses!!


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