Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Surely I’m not the only one?

…who’s not sure how it’s March?
Really, this always happens, I turn around and time always seems to be moving faster.  I must be getting old.  I thought about some of the goals I outlined at the start of the year.  I’ve not given them up, but I also haven’t actually created a plan to get to those end points yet. Tick-Tock!
…who can’t sketch worth a damn!
It’s so sad.  I love seeing the pages of peoples sketchbooks, joojoo comes to mind right off the bat.  Perhaps someday I’ll actually fill a sketchbook with beautiful things.  Mostly my sketches are very rough shapes, that I know I won’t even be able to recognize, so there are all sorts of lines connected to me scribbling what the heck that part is supposed to be. 
…who bought beads last July and hasn’t used them yet, despite having a plan.
Umhm, it’s true.  Well I’ve probably got beads I bought ten years ago and haven’t used yet, but that’s not my point.  I bought these beautiful beads (below with the focal) for the last bead soup.  Not a one made it into my final piece. A tiny part of the suede did but that was all.  See I was only showing a little bit as to not give anything away.  I needn’t of worried.

…who despite above evidence, is considering many a bead purchase for this round of bead soup.
Ok, no intervention needed, it’s still under control, this addiction.  I have this gorgeous soup to play with and it is sitting next to me in a container, has been since I got it.  The glass is so interesting, the colours seem to always be changing and I keep changing my mind about what to pair it with.  So I can’t help myself I think there are one or two things I simply must order.  (Even though Cindy sent more than plenty to play with)
…who in an effort to create her own beads considers stealing a button from her child’s shirt
I’m reaching here, please raise your hand if you are in this club.  You steal buttons right?  Just look at it, it’s not holding anything closed, it’s just hanging out there taunting me!  Her face seems to say  “don’t you dare take my button!” I swear though, this picture was taken to show off her new haircut.  Which brings me to my last one…

cute as a button

Surely I’m not the only one who has to figure out how to cut my toddler’s hair using, well scissors, but more importantly an iPad.  Resting on an upside down bowl and wipes container to get it high enough for her to look up somewhat, while seated on the bathroom counter, watching Mickey Mouse.  Through mostly closed eyes with her hands held to her cheeks, covering her hair back each time I’d comb it to cut.  This is the third time now I’ve given her a hair cut.  I did try a professional, twice, but it was like a panic attack scream fest.  My way is better.  A little rustic, but neither of us actually cry so this works.  Hmm, I’m pretty sure this last one might just really be only me.

Now c’mon and fess up!


  1. OMG...LOL...I can soooo relate to much has happened to me in the first three months of this year, I can't believe it is March!!! BUT we will prevail! God said it, and I believe it!

    1. Thank goodness you came by and reassured me so quickly! Thanks Vera!

  2. I admit it. I have spent many hours in front of various electronics, using them to make my child stay put while I did things to their hair. The worst was the year of head lice in third grade. We sat through an entire series on the History Channel for that. (Her choice, go figure.) Then there is combing and braiding and hair wraps.

    I agree that March seems to just fly by. And I've found that a guaranteed way to add to the bead (yarn, fabric) stash is to plan a project and buy everything for it. For some reason it just sits there afterward. For decades. Oy!

  3. Yep, that's a T! Terrible at sketching, totally covered up in beads, but only too willing to purchase a few more to round out my bead soup. I clicked over to look at yours again, and it is an AMAZING collection. SO love your colors. Will be looking forward to your reveal.

    1. Oh this is fun! I love hearing what good company I'm in! Yes, with beautiful soup I feel on the one hand I can't go wrong and on the other, I must find/make something equally amazing!


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