Thursday, 14 June 2012

Nothing finer than silk!

Don't you just love silk?  The sheen, the texture, the luxury-- I love it all! Learning a bit more about the blogging world by joining in on Marsha Neal's challenge.

I didn't pick any specific idea or photo.  I just went from my love of a brown and grey combo with a quick hit of a bright shade.  I'm not sure if all ten together sing the way four or five could but if you give me 10 choices they just all have to be different.

So here's my go at it, hope you enjoy

1. White MNS SCPC Text Box 300 square, 2. Not available, 3. 41DDarkestNavyMarshaNealStudio, 4. 64ChocolateMarshaNealStudio, 5. 60FawnBrownMarshaNealStudio, 6. 201GunmetalMarshaNealStudio, 7. 23MagentaMarshaNealStudio, 8. 98MossGreenMarshaNealStudio, 9. 31RoyalPurpleMarshaNealStudio, 10. 101DMediumGrayMarshaNealStudio, 11. 62PumpkinSpiceMarshaNealStudio, 12. 69EspressoMarshaNealStudio

1 comment:

  1. Ooohhhh!!! What an awesome idea and color palette! I love how those brights pop against the neutrals. Actually. This is what my closet looks like (except put blue instead of purple - but dang! Right there!!!). Thanks for participating in the challenge! Good luck with the voting next week! :)


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