Friday, 22 June 2012

Finally Friday, birthday edition

I’m still trying to follow along on Shannon’s Finally Friday series, it is good fun.  This week’s palette, from was the perfect inspiration to make something for my best friend.  We are celebrating her birthday tomorrow, at her family’s cottage.  This has been the tradition for many years and we’ve been friends 25 years now.  So tonight’s mission is to collect this mass of beads and such into some jewels for a special lady.


I haven’t taken the time to figure out why my printer is insisting on printing on the photo paper rather than the regular paper when I print from my phone. But it’s pretty cool technology so I should stop complaining.  I’ve left some wires in so you can see the holes.  Starting at the top, I’ve got some glass from Blue Seraphim that I’ve had an awful long time.  Moving clockwise I’ve got a bunch of that taupey types that I started from a mould I made, but changed along the way. The centers have a tinted liquid clay – think tide pool.  Then the pendant, it’s chunky, but I think it works.  I’m thrilled with the headpins, since the colours came out so nice.  It’s a sand base and I was generous with the fingerprints since I thought that would imitate the ripple of the sand.  Dipped unevenly in the lighter shade teal and then once dry dipped again unevenly in the darker shade. Just like lapping waves.  I made a few more pendant options, smaller, again thinking of tide pools.  Lastly,, I made a whole bunch of these small ones with a pattern like the shadows the trees cast.

Closer looks




Here’s some of the pile for creating


Before I go I have to share some better pictures of last weeks inspiration pieces.  I’m pleased with the two varieties I came up with.  I’m hoping to find the time next week to get them all photographed and listed in the shop.


And look how different if I squish them the opposite direction


Have a great weekend!


  1. Ooh beautiful beads Emma... love that color pallette!

  2. Love your headpins. May I ask what type of paint are you using? liquid polymer? "Dipped unevenly in the lighter shade teal and then once dry dipped again unevenly in the darker shade." Would love to know.
    Thank you, Marina


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