Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Cutting Edge GIVEAWAY ends tonight!

Ok folks, I normally have some blogging time late at night, but today that simply wouldn’t do. You know when they say ACT FAST – well, today you really need to!

Dan Cormier and Tracy Holmes of the The Cutting Edge are running a giveaway on their facebook page that ends tonight at midnight. Get on over there to take a look at the tools and enter to win the tool of your choice.

Need some ideas on what to choose? I’ve done a quick little picture here showing some of what I like to use, the long pebble die set, my ShARK, frond die set, peeler (I have both sizes!) and lastly the bud die set (all sets).  I’ll be back later to link them all, but meanwhile you can find them all through the facebook page if you don’t already know them well!

A polymer penchant and the cutting edge copy

Editting to add - I really enjoy using The Cutting Edge tools.  All of the examples above show them used differently than intended. I like that. Don't get me wrong they work just as intended but I enjoy making them bend to my will too. I think that's good design. I think Dan's work is stunning and it was some of the first very high quality Polymer work I came across that renewed my interest in Polymer in 2007.  I had tried to meet Dan and Tracy and take their week long retreat in BC, but alas the retreat had to be cancelled and Tracy let me down so gently (I had gushed, of course, about how excited I was that it was coming up).  But I did get to meet them in the end, another time and place. I'll share that story for another day.


  1. I really like your work and it is nice that you share what it is you use to help with your creations! Thanks so much!!

  2. Oh wow what an awesome giveaway ...Thank you for this fabtabulous opportunity. plz throw my name in the hat ty ty ty


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