Sunday, 28 October 2012

So close and yet so far

I’ve had several projects getting close to a point to share, but for one reason or another not quite.  So consider today a bit of behind the scenes catch up. Yeah, that works, right?

First up, I finished my piece for the September Art Bead Scene challenge.  See the resemblance?  That’s Flora by Giuseppe Arcimboldo on the right and a ruffle adorned lady I created, in part, on the left.  I say in part since her face is a Gaea pendant which I backed and built into a polymer focal.  The swirl “body” is suspended below and moves freely and independently.
sept ABS

A few more of the details.  I’ve used some sari silk, larger seed beads, gifted budha beads alongside my polymer.  For this inspiration I wanted to see what floral references I could create without specific blooms.  More spirals, ruffles and folds of polymer round out the piece.

A Polymer Penchant September ABS

Next up I was hoping to finish up an entry for the Hooters Challenge over on Artisan Whimsy.  I wanted to complete a necklace and I tried it on too late last night to correct it and photograph it properly in time. Here’s the “checking it out in the powder room” shot.  Left side is how it should look, the tree trunk running north-south, but move around a bit and the heavier wood beads find the centre and uproot my tree sideways.  Damn.  A little pruning and it will hang straight.

a hooter gone sideways

Still with me? I think I will save my very first video to share with you tomorrow.  It’s very basic, and I wish I had collected my thoughts a bit before I hit record, but it gets the point across.

I’ll give you a hint



  1. I love your representation of the ABS inspiration art. That you did it without using any flowers while still in keeping with the them is fabulous! And just as fabulous is your hooters challenge necklace. I love the earthy feel and chunkiness of it.

    Great work!

  2. I thought the September ABS challenge painting was one of the hardest ever, and I am SO impressed by your piece. I absolutely loved your process and your interpretation. Has me thinking in totally new ways.

  3. I think your interpretations are absolutely brilliant!
    I love the first one - yours better than the original.


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