Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

It kinda snuck up on me.
Thank goodness I found a black washable marker as the promise of getting her own kitty whiskers convinced her to get dressed and leave the house.  Four houses and home. Then realizing that people were coming to our door, she insisted on new whiskers and back out. One house, then she asked for home - bath and bed.  When I asked if she wanted some of her candy she cried and screamed no.  Ah two year olds, it was a fun night!


  1. What a sweet little kitty! Reminds me of when my sister's twin girls used to allow themselves to be dressed up in handmade costumes. I never had to worry much about that with four boys... black cloaks and a variety of scary masks/headpieces were always their faves. Enjoy your little girl, Emma!

  2. My little girl (whose name is Emma :) is not so little anymore --almost 12. She went out last night with friends, dressed as a spy. But I remember those days, when exactly how she was going to react to something was so unpredictable. I'm not sure I can say I remember them fondly, although I wouldn't trade the overall experience of being her mom at all the various stages so far. Yours makes an adorable tiger :)

  3. Hi follower...Cute post !


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