Friday, 27 December 2013

Focus on life–week 52–saying goodbye

Do you have a dining room table?  Do you eat at it regularly or is it just covered in flotsam and jetsam?

For shame!

focus on life 52

A photograph to kiss it all goodbye! I just can’t stand it anymore. We eat at a kitchen table.  It’s cozy for the three of us, but works just fine. This dining table has moved around to several places but now it just needs to be gone from the space entirely.  I normally would have kept the tree decorated another week at least but I got the itch this morning that that table needed to be gone. So I’m packing up all the ornaments early so I can assess and reorganize the storage space in the basement to see if I can make use of this table down there or pass it on to someone else. 

When I decided to get a fake tree, I went way fake with white, but now a few years on it seems to be yellowing in areas and “baby boy Rufus boy” kitten decided that chewing the bulbs seemed like a fun idea.  I watched him jump back, after electrocuting himself I presume, and walked over to discover that the crunch was him busting the glass.  Then he went back for another shock.
chewed bulb

He decided to do it again this morning.  I think this tree may have to go goodbye too now.
Well friends, it’s been 52 weeks of photos lead by Sally Russick from the Studio Sublime with the focus on life series.  I’m going to go ahead and sign up for the 2014 edition too.  If you would like to join in the fun, register here.

I hope all those who celebrate had a wonderful Christmas, we sure did!  Averleigh asked Santa for a cupcake.  For weeks this was the only thing she wanted. It had to be real so she could eat it, she added one day.  It really should be pink she added another day…. Santa came through! Sad part was Santa didn’t get it from a bakery we know and it wasn’t exactly moist and didn’t get eaten.  Never mind though, there was enough other great parts to the day it wasn’t a let down for her.

the Christmas cupcake

And with that, goodbye 2013.  Hope you all have a very happy new year… oh wait, before we get to that there is a boxing day sale in my A Polymer Penchant etsy shop I should mention.  The sale is actually Canada wide, 20% off with coupon code BOXINGDAY.  You can see a selection from all the participating shops right here.

boxing day cover

Ok, now really – Goodbye!


  1. Well since you asked, we have a formal dining table which we use a lot in our younger entertaining years. When the kids came along we used the kitchen table religiously. No that they are all grown we eat in the living room watching TV. I'm glad you had a good Christmas. I'll bet Averleigh was very happy. Best wishes in the new year!

  2. Great photo of Averleigh!! My hubs and son play poker at our dining table with the neighbor guys. The only time we actually eat at it is when Logan's girlfriend comes over for dinner! I hope you find a great home for your table (and your tree!) and that you have a wonderful 2014!! :-)

  3. I have just a dining table, no kitchen table. But since it now only me, I eat on a TV tray and the table is another work area for art or jewelry.

    Lovely picture of Averleigh. Happy New Year.

  4. Our dining room is in the old part of our house, and became our daughter's "art area" years ago. We recently fitted her out with lots of Ikea storage and a nice desk. She's sitting at the desk right now, using the little Klutz bead loom she got for Christmas :-)

    The new part of the house has a wonderfully large kitchen, with a big kitchen table. My husband starts to grumble every time one of our projects begins to take it over. It seats six, and currently half of it is taken up with the Christmas puzzle I've been doing over break. But that leaves three clear seats for our 3-person family :-)

  5. Yes, we have a large table in the dining room at which we eat most meals, but it's our first house that's had a separate dining room... a cozy table in the kitchen worked for us for several years too :)

  6. That's all she asked for was a cupcake? How sweet is that! Yeah, I'm getting the itch too to take everything down but when I look at it all I say later. Happy 2014!

  7. Love your post-holiday assessment. We have a table in our dining nook, but ended up eating holiday meals in the living room this year. The table is the repository of flotsam, jetsam, and mysterious objects that don't seem to have another place in the house. Never thought of just getting rid of the table, though..... Cute story about your daughter's cupcake!

  8. Averleigh is so cute with her cupcake. What a fun thing to ask for. I seldom eat at my diningroom table anymore. It to gets covered with flotsam and jetsam too. Any metalwork that I do happens there. Happy New Year. I will see you next year.

  9. Great post, we use our dining room table when it is not covered:-) I am in the process of clearing out some things around the house that do not work too. Sounds like you had a great holiday best wishes for the New Year!!!

  10. Oh I love her pink cupcake...what a lovely treat from Santa. I'm looking forward to next year too

  11. My dining room table featured in the centerpiece blog... I believe I mentioned that it was entirely clean for the first time in 7 years... We eat at it occasionally... I could get 4 people round it when it was half clear.... but I like the kitchen table better for 4 people.. the dinning room table is currently covered in my New Years jigsaw! Happy New Year... will be seeing you and Averleigh nexxt year?

  12. LOL - we have a dining table... it'll be 16 years old in May :) I love it - it's part hot-house with all my plants, and part my office... a mighty mess I clean 3 times a year: at Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and then maybe a couple of times in between. We eat at the kitchen table, a tiny-tinny affair :)

    Averleigh is very focused on her Santa gift! I signed up for 2014 too - I'll see you around through the next year's journey.

    Happy New Year!

  13. How sweet with Averleigh and her cupcake! I have my two girls posted with cupcakes this week too :)

    Yep, our dining room table is currently cluttered with all sorts of 'non-dinner' related items like mail, books and the like. I'm going to need to get at that too! I won't be doing the photo hop next year, but will try to stop by to see what everyone else is posting :)


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