Tuesday, 10 December 2013

focus on life–week 48- giving thanks

I posted this in my brain on November 30th, just trying to catch up on reality.  I swore I wasn’t going to miss a week, but alas I decided that nothing would actually blow up if I did.  So while Thanksgiving may be an recent memory for some, it was a couple of months ago here.  Our tradition  – giving thanks for football on that day.

I took this photo at the start of the 2010 football season, Averleigh would have been just over 3 months and I can tell you that was a 7lbs sleeper since I just gave it away the other day.

focus on life 48

Pretty thankful for my little fan to share it with too!

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do with the whole gang posting over at the Studio Sublime!

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