Tuesday, 26 November 2013

focus on life–week 47- centerpiece

Well focus on life friends I lost a few days.  I didn’t want to get any further into the week without sharing a photo for Sally’s prompt of centerpiece.  I tried to think of a subject that wasn’t Averleigh… but what can I say she just is my sun, at the centre of our lives.  I suppose I’ll have to think of things to help her understand that the world actually does not revolve around her, only child, only grandchild on hubby’s side.  This may be an uphill battle.

Monday we brought some clothes to the consignment store and took a look through the racks, at her request, to find a new puppy shirt to replace the last one that she’s outgrown.  Right at the end of her size section I pulled out a ballet leotard with built in tutu to take a look.  Before I could even read the tag she had it hugged to her, trying to walk to the cash, “I need this for ballet mama, lets go home so I can wear my new dress”.  In that moment as I tried for a glimpse at the price I knew I was going to pay whatever it was – phew $9.


Photo effects do wonders for cleaning up the house! 

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  1. this is so sweet! I do remember these days ... I would donate the bag of clothes that my girls had out grown, then drive around to the other side and have a look through the racks for things that fit! why not! they outgrow things so quickly they can't seem to wear them out!


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