Saturday, 9 November 2013

Focus on life–week 45- industrial photography

This week Sally Russick had a great prompt for us of Industrial Photography.  I did as she suggested and googled to see just what it was all about.  What a treat that was! 

focus on life week 45

I let the industry come to me with these ear muffs I ordered to protect my hearing while hammering wire.  I tried them out for the first time this morning and it’s just perfect to be in my own little cone of silence while making a whole bunch of noise.  Hubby has strongly suggested that I not be at the garage workbench hammering away at night if we want to keep nice neighbours. I was going to try some more interesting angles on the pictures but this kept happening.


Rufus would come flying in to try and dive beneath the packing paper or attack my lens cap which hangs off the side of the camera.  So for ultimate safety I put it all away.

It’s my little industry of just me day –busily preparing for the next show of the season. 

I’m sure my friends found some more interesting industry in their surrounds:


  1. Rufus would look cute wearing those!

  2. So cute - so glad you got your ear protection!

  3. Hey I like your industrial pic - and your "helper."

  4. Rufus is adorable and softens the industrial photo! :-) Those are some heavy-duty ear muffs! Are they heavy? You are smart to protect your ears. Not sure if your neighbors actually hear you, but by the looks of these, I doubt you'll hear yourself! :-)

  5. Cool that your shot incorporated something that you do!


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