Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My doors are always open to free beads!

Aren’t yours?!

Well, a little ways back, Lesley Watt of the Gossiping Goddess decided to share the huge stash of lampwork she was gifted from  Kaz Baildon.  I really adore the concept here of just sweeping of the table, so to speak, and sending the work out into the world to make way for a fresh start.
Here is the picture Lesley shared to draw us all in

I know, such a hardship to receive some lovely beads and make something out of them.  Of course I jest, but the little beauties I got sure gave me a few fits, but I’ll spare you much of the drama.

Here they are hanging out at my workbench

photo (10)

I usually start with mixing up some polymer colours to coordinate and you know, they just weren’t coming up as transparent as I wanted to go with these.  Then I realized I really didn’t have to have them in the same piece either (how is it that I imagine rules?) The smaller aqua tube is still on my workbench with plans to wrap polymer around it’s center and make it into some form of wheel.  My first attempt just not working I’m still engineering….

Meanwhile though I changed tactics and took that beautiful Monet-ish bead down to the basement where all the finished beads live.  I figured there must be beads in my stash that needed a fresh look with a new partner. What I found was a whole bunch of beads, but dialed it down to just a few and some yummy silk that was the perfect shade.

new renewed copy

I created the polymer focal and small coins when I did my first Bead Soup Blog Party this summer.

Many thanks to Lesley and Kaz for sharing these goodies and letting me look at my own pieces with new eyes.  I can’t wait to see what gorgeous creations everyone else came up with, since there was quite the bounty to share
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  1. Wow really beautiful, love how you used the bead on its side and your polymer pieces are stunning!

  2. What a beautiful necklace Emma! You've used your bead so creatively and it sits so well with your lovely Polymer beads...makes me think of wood nymphs and fairies...Thank you so much for taking part and rising to this challenge.

  3. Oh my word!.... what a fantastic design and mix of colour! I love the way you've brought in the pink polymer clay petals.
    Claire xx

  4. You always come up with a fantastic design to complement beads. Love the tiny flowers and petals... also the dangles at the ends of the silk.

  5. Monet-ish indeed! I love what you did, turning that bead sideways and adding the polymer, just gorgeous.

    Happy creating!

  6. Congrats on combining your bead with the challenge bead and creating a beautiful necklace.

  7. Your design reminds me of Hawaii. It's so pretty and festive.

  8. That looks amazing! I love your polymer clay work especially the little ivory flower beads x

  9. Very cool! What a sweet, feminine necklace that is :)

  10. That turned out gorgeous, and I am so in awe of your PC skills!

  11. You know I just love how your coin beads match the flower in the focal bead. This is such a pretty necklace!

  12. That's really cute and I love how you used the focal bead with another focal for added impact.

  13. WOW! I love your design, so unique!

  14. Emma, what a gorgeous necklace! I just love the details on the focal you created....and I agree with Renetha, it reminds me of Hawaii as well! :-)

  15. What a beautiful design!! I thought about using some polymer in my design but decided against it this time!!


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