Monday, 31 December 2012

AJE Component of the month reveal

I was a lucky winning participant and eager to get my hot little hands on a labyrinth pendant from Jenny Davies-Reazor as part of the December Component of the month on the ever inspiring Art Jewelry Elements blog.  It sure is perfect imagery for this last day of the year.

I ended up with this long necklace featuring Jenny’s focal and complemented by my polymer beads, a little glass and some wood rounds.   The idea of a labyrinth had me looking at things I do all the time looking for patterns. Like how I brush my teeth, how I drag a tea bag around and out of a cup, and how I do many things working with polymer.  That lead me to wanting to include overlapping infinity symbols since that’s a motion I seem to fall into naturally.  So I started with a bunch of rich blue beads and a snake of cream clay and well, no two are alike in the end.  I then “glazed” them with tinted liquid polymer.

I also found that I have a sand labyrinth that I’ve never tried out. 

Wishing you all lots of inspiration and all good things for 2013.  I hope you will join me in seeing what everyone else created.  Thank you so much for letting me join in the fun AJE team.

This months guests of honor:
 Emma Todd <- that's me! Thanks for coming!
Lee Koopman
Jess Green
And participating AJE team members:
Jen Cameron Kristi Bowman
 Diana Ptaszynski
 Kristen Stevens
 Lesley Watt
Francesca Watson
 Melissa Meman
Jo Tinley
 Linda Landig
 Sue Kennedy
 Jenny Davies-Reazor, your hostess


  1. Its interesting to me that you linked the labyrinth to our many everyday patterns. I'll have to think about that connection for a bit now. You've made a very original design. Nice work, Emma.

  2. Absolutely stunning work - truly gorgeous - off to check out your shop

  3. Lovey necklace Emma and I love your personal take on the labyrinth. It's fascinating how we each interpret the symbolism.

  4. First let me say thank you for joining us at AJE - and creating a lovely piece. I was struck immediately by the colors - I love the olive complementing the icy blues/aqua. I am really intrigued by the infinity "squiggles" and how the patterns manifested in daily life. Very mindful of you to see the grace in the repeated movements. And the sand labyrinth looks cool! I teach students to create finger labyrinths, but sand... Hmm.

    Lovely design! Thanks again, and happy New Year.

  5. A beautiful piece, and I love the thought process behind it. Your blue infinity beads are a wonderful complement to the piece. That mini labrynth is sweet. I would probably play with it all day long.

  6. So...I clicked on your images and found myself staring at each individual bead - the same but different. This is totally awesome! And I also admire your tenancity to choose the right colors!!! Lastly, I love the sand labyrinth! Makes me want to go and buy a sandbox of my own to play with!

  7. WOW! I am so happy you were able to join us this month and you did not disappoint at all! I love your color combonation and those gorgeous beads of yours are a perfect accent to Jenny's pendant!!!

  8. this is a beautiful piece. Patterns are the theme in all of our lives and those beads are a wonderful way to illustrate just that. Love the colors!

  9. I really enjoyed reading your take on the labyrinth and being mindful of your everyday patterns. Beautiful and interesting design. Thank you so much for participating and visiting Art Jewelry Elements.

  10. Emma, love how this experiment turned out for you. Definitely think you need to keep these infinity beads in your inventory. They work very well with the labyrinth pendant.

  11. I love the colours that you've used to complement the pendant, and your polymer beads are beautiful! I like how you've finished the pendant with a single bead below it too, rather than one bead from each corner. Thank you for taking part in the AJE challenge!

  12. Great necklace Emma! Love the blue beads!

  13. Beautiful colours - love your design, the polymer beads go wonderfully with the focal.

  14. Very pretty necklace, I love your beads! Cool that you had a sand labyrinth!

  15. . As I read your thought processes your labyrinth became even more special and unique. Bravo!


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