Monday, 23 July 2012

The everything but the laundry list

The last week was a blur.  Hectic at the day job, lots of time outside and a day at the zoo meant not much time at the work table creating.  I had mentioned a new feature I had planned to share – I’m going to put that on hold for a bit since there is lots coming up! I will now organize my thoughts via blog post, m’ok?

My bead soup came for starters (oh man, and the puns never end- really wasn’t even intended).  It’s so very awesome with just the right touch of challenge.  I can’t wait to see all the amazing creations with this weekend reveal but I’m really happy right now our reveal is August 11th (…I should really swap out that button on the side bar).  I’ve done a lot of contemplating, but no real start yet.  Although I think a promising idea is taking root, I’m just a little unsure of the mechanics.

Totally stealing more from Lois’ blog (again) – she did such a nice job telling the story of the soup she sent, it sure is well travelled!

Look how perfectly those colours match the focal , and the clasp pattern speaks so nicely to the focal too.

Before I can really tuck into that lot, I have to wrap up my ideas for the ABS July challenge and 7000 bracelets tie in.  I started one way and decided to put it aside and start fresh. That led me to finally cracking open the resin I bought years ago that was waiting quietly, like so many good supplies. 


Here is some of the experiment.  Only two bubbles in the whole lot, I can live with that. I’m saving the ones I have planned for making into bracelets for the project for another day.  It won’t be long as that deadline is approaching.  I know I can get one bracelet made in time, but I did make seven focals in hopes of getting seven bracelets made.  I think I may plan on having seven done before the end of the year and then send them off.  Does that sound like cheating? I struggle with bracelets so I want to leave myself lots of design time.

Two more challenges coming up too! First will be the Thrift Store Blog Hop (darn gotta get that button up too) I showed you my starting spot already, and not much has changed - yet.  It’s just moved around the work table mostly. That reveal is coming up on August 4th.  Then there is the Blogging Link Challenge – I got my package today, right on time, and I’m fighting the urge to play with them as that reveal is not until August 17th. 

So lots of exciting creating on the go, sounds like a great reason to skip out on the laundry… again.
(ps I'm not normally a parentheses junkie (this is extreme), I'm just mumbling bits to myself today)


  1. I loved your comments, and I love your soup, too!

  2. Wonderful bead soup - can't wait to see what you create!
    I love your resin experiments - they look very cool!


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