Tuesday, 24 July 2012

If there is anything you can do…

I’m deeply saddened to hear of the lose of two little babies, born too soon and one more little boy still fighting hard.  These triplets were born to the owners of Sinarin Silver whom I don’t know personally but the story touches me so, as I myself am mother to a preemie.  At her smallest Averleigh was a mere 640g (about 1lbs6oz),  I remember sharing that number and often hearing back some version of “think of a pound of butter”.  I can tell you that that is a little hard to hear.  People are just trying to get a grip on what a baby that size really looks like, I get that, I know there is good intention there.  But. What I know as the fragile strength and determination of a child born early is just not compatible with inanimate objects, like butter.

I promise you I’m not bitter, but want to express that sensitivity to words.  I am a bit paralyzed in finding words to comfort and encourage this couple.  But I’m fumbling through this post to spread the word following the lead of Fusionmuse Tanya.  She shared the story on her blog and is offering a giveaway with multiple opportunities for you to participate.

Here is her very generous prize

I hope you will visit her post and spread the word to offer whatever support you can.
I’d like to add some resources which I found invaluable.  I found them when Averleigh was probably about a year old and wished I would have had them before then.

Life with Jack is a blog born out of a series of emails that Jon the dad wrote to keep family in the loop. (Actually I think Jessi had the blog, but there was a significant shift in focus).  This story is incredible. Both parents are engaging writers and Jessi, the mum, is an incredible photographer.  I’ve followed along for the last year plus and Jack is just an absolute  inspiration and lesson in joy.

The Inspire preemie support community is also a wonderful place for those touched by prematurity to connect.  In particular I wanted to add this for the parents because of the Preemie Angel board. 

I will be thinking of this family.  Thank you for reading.

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  1. Thank you Miss Emma.It is appreciated in many ways.Love and hugs to you.


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