Saturday, 19 May 2012

From my work table

I'm going to attempt a blog post from my phone and see how that goes.
- yeah, I'm not savvy enough for that yet!
A couple days ago Heather Powers posted this stunning pin. Oh how I covet those large scale wood blocks!

So of course it came as no surprise when she posted today about making new beads inspired by Indian wood blocks. Her sketches alone get my eyes dilating, I just can't wait to see the full effect.
This all got me very excited since I have a little test bead in its experiment stage. You see, I've never used oil before on polymer. The product itself says it can be used on plastic and the news on glass attic seems to back that up also. But since it was new to me I wanted to give a full 30 days curing to have that extra confidence.
Several years ago I came across this is little collection, which I found at a street fair in Kingston, ON.   I only wish she had had a bit more selection as I cleaned her out of every style she had.

They look pretty and all on the shelf, but it was really time to see what they could do.  So first, I made some moulds:

Here’s a peek at my little stash of experiments

The Shiva oil is so nice to work with.

It would be really fun to go all out and try a dense pattern like the border on the sari I use as a curtain. I had to look in about 20 shops before finding one with silver rather than gold.

Still on the go are my plans for the two challenges I’m participating in this month.  I think I have a plan for each now. Well, more like yet another plan which I think I’m happiest with until another idea comes to invade.

The push is on though to get moving on these as my little girl turn 2 on the 26th and there is much to do to mark the day.


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