Saturday, 26 October 2013

focus on life–week 43–in the shadows

Friday was the deadline for the art charms to arrive for the 2013 Art Charm Swap hosted by Jennifer Cameron of Glass Addictions.  I was relieved that my charms arrived early, almost a week before the deadline – go me! November 15th will bring a blog hop to show off the charms created and to kick off the auctions in support of Beads of Courage.  Last year, I also participated, and received some wonderful charms and more importantly the auction raised $600!
When I saw Sally’s prompt of “in the shadows” for this week I knew a teaser pic in silhouette would be perfect.  Then all week I forgot to take the picture!   So my iphone snap tonight is not exactly what I had in mind, it gives away even less. 

photo (32)

I have been distracted by another idea.  I think it started with the making of these very charms. During the creative process (which I’m trying not to give away yet) I somehow created these.

photo 2

This got me to thinking that a tongue depressor just might make the perfect earring “card”.  Today I finally brought the idea to fruition with a little cutting and drilling.

photo 4
This is a great start but not entirely what I had in mind.  I thought since I already had the holes drilled I would dip them in some paint and hang to dry, to look a little like paint stir sticks.  I looked around the room and thought, hmmm dangling sticks of paint where a kitten explores is probably not the best part of this idea.

photo 3

I decided that alcohol ink and a toothbrush would provide just the right amount of decoration.  Here you see them in part of a cold air return that just happened to be on a clearance table next to the PVC pipe when I was picking some up to act as table risers.  It was a show display serendipity!  They also stand on edge quite nicely as the posts allow them to rest at a perfectly tilted angle.  For transport, they also arrange tidily in a cigar box.  I’m also very happy with how these studs are all coming together, this is a new product I will be featuring at Handmade Harvest next Sunday.

photo 1

Now I suppose it’s time to start thinking of Halloween.  I wonder if the other “in the shadows” photos will help more with that eerie leaning.  Head on over to the studio sublime to see them all.


  1. Oh my, this takes me back to what must have been the first earrings I made. They must have been a mother's day gift, I made them in school. Screw type earring findings with a rounded tip of a tongue depressor glued on each, With leather decorations. they looked pretty nice, but the wood stuck into the ear - they were unwearable. But my mom kept them for years!

  2. That is a great idea Emma. Definitely outside the box creative thinking.

  3. what a fun idea! and perfect way to display your new post earrings! I hope you have a very successful day at Handmade Harvest!

  4. Isn't it amazing what "other"craft ideas we come up with when working with something entirely the sticks! And the shadow...will definitely have to catch your next post...

  5. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Wow! Very creative, good job!

  7. That is a totally cute idea!

  8. Finally getting round to replying...
    What a great idea - you clever girl!

  9. You are so creative, what an awesome idea - lovely earrings, too, by the way - wow! And the shadows from the box onto the earrings in that last photo is really cool - great shots!!


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