Saturday, 12 October 2013

focus on life–week 41–connections

Here we are week 41 and I know October will be gone in a blink of an eye, always the case as I ready for shows.  This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and when Sally Russick of the Studio Sublime had us thinking on connections in all manner of ways, well, the timing was perfect.

photo (31)

For starters, this arrived!! The Missing Link by Cindy Wimmer, is all about connections.  It’s very exciting to receive a beautiful book directly from the author with her sweet message inside, (another great connection.) I keep running through it just looking at the beautiful pictures, I haven’t started to read through proper yet.  Of course I’m most attracted to the ones with higher difficulty which shouldn’t really be the starting point, but then again I sometimes do things the hard way.

Friday night brought the celebration of a connection earlier in the courthouse.  (I stole this picture from my dear friend’s facebook).  This has been a while coming in idea, but only about two weeks ago did I receive a text, would we be available to celebrate? To which I replied “where else would I be” as there are some things that are just not to be missed!

wedding van

This morning was a third birthday party for a special guy, and we gathered at the local pumpkin patch/berry farm/petting zoo etc to celebrate some more.  After a wagon ride, magic show, pizza, cake, presents and general fun the party was wrapping up but with the gorgeous weather we stayed on a bit.  Averleigh had decided she didn’t mind waiting in line she wanted to have her face painted.  This child has always fought the idea of a comb or basically anything you would touch her face and hair with so I had some doubts.  We waited probably about 45min to an hour in line, hubby and I trading off, before it was her turn.  The artist asked what she would like and set to work, moving briskly and without much direction.  It seems all the children just new when to close their eyes and she moved their heads where they needed to be.  Until…


PINK KITTY!  That’s what she asked for and I think it turned out pretty good.  She wondered if there would be a tail for her, I suggested we could just pretend.  She sure did get a kick out of this connection to being a kitty herself.

All these connections I am so thankful for this thanksgiving.


  1. Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. Am sure that "pink kitty" will help you fill it with beautiful memories.

  2. What a fun post! I loved all the stories, especially pink kitty!

  3. what a pretty pink kitty! my girls always loved doing face painting .. one year (when Kate was older) she did a pirate one ... complete with mustache - hilarious! I've still got the pictures to use for bribery later :O

  4. Wonderful photos to accompany a wonderful post! And what a cute 'kitty' :)

  5. Part kitty, part pink butterfly, all girlie cute!

  6. Just love the pink kitty and the sweet face underneath! You had quite a week of wonderful connections! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. Averleigh looks so adorable! It's a perfect picture of her. I got my copy of Cindy's book, too. It looks like we're in for some fun making those beautiful links.

  8. Oh, my, she's adorable! It seems Cindy's book is a hot topic for this week's prompt :) watching the mailman every day now... Happy Thanksgiving ~ may you have a fantastic one!

  9. I'll have to check out that book. Your daughter makes an adorable pink kitty!

  10. Averleigh is a pretty kitty! She is so photogenic. I'm glad you captured her all dolled up, especially after that long wait in line! None of my kids ever got in to having their faces painted so unfortunately I don't have cool shots like this!
    So happy the book arrived safe and sound and that you have your eye on some of the more advanced links to try! :-) I sure got a kick out of seeing the picture - so neat to see the book in your hands. Hope you had a nice Canadian Thanksgiving!


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