Friday, 2 August 2013

Focus on life–week 31–hues of blue

I’m a dedicated blue girl, always have been! So when this weeks prompt came along it felt easy peasy, since I am surrounded by blue.  Miss Sally Russick also shared the prettiest little blue flower in sending the email prompt, not sure what it is but it’s lovely.  My whole top floor is blue, all the bedrooms and bathrooms, save the hallway.  I think there are 5 shade of paint, some custom painting, and a wee bit of wallpaper.  I have joked in the past that the colour scheme is “no blue left behind”.
I was going to challenge myself to count up the most blues I could get in one shot.  I even half tidied the busiest room the work office/studio.  Egads! I’m certain I am the only person that could be comfortable in that giant tidepool of this and that, every composition I put in frame was a little overwhelming. 
Then I was in the kitchen noticing my blue tile and recalling the huge issue that the install had ended up being.  At our pre-close inspection we walked into the kitchen and they were still installing tile, the day before we moved in.  One of the tradesman stopped, turned and proudly told me they were doing it just how I wanted with the border at the bottom…. only, my instructions had actually been for the “border” tile, to be installed upside down and on the bottom row so that more of it would be visible.  If they put it up in the regular way barely any of that pattern would show.  His frustration was quite apparent as they immediately started taking tile back off the wall.
week 31 focus on life
If you can imagine the rest of the kitchen, this border follows the line of the counter, almost the whole way around the room and makes far more sense than the standard position (the third row up) when half the kitchen only has tile one course up because it’s open to the other room. 

The real problem though was this whole wacky idea I had meant every time the ordered tile they were sent way more plain than border and they had broken a whole bunch making cuts for outlets.  They had had more than enough of my blue kitchen at that moment.  The general contractor who was giving us the walk through at that point had grabbed the phone and I felt sorry for the person at the other end.  He stepped away from us to yell my favourite all time Franglais (french-english) line of all time.  “t’sai la border tile la, y’on f**ké up la border tile!”…..and on and on

I could not hold back my giggles on that.  “F**ké up” has lived on in our home from time to time.  Indeed that is the unseen blue streak of my kitchen.

I can’t help but add a little more blue to this post as I was so excited to see emails and messages this morning from friends letting me know I was on Polymer Clay Daily! What a wonderful surprise!

pcd aug 2

I am equally thrilled that I am sharing the page with Claire Maunsell’s lovely daughter reading Claire’s awesome part of Cynthia Tinapple’s wonderful book.  What fun!

I can’t wait to see all the blue, I’m sure the gang will be as inspiring as ever! Head to the Studio Sublime, if you don’t see all the pretty boxes below.


  1. Congratulations on your feature.
    I love the pattern in your kitchen

  2. Gorgeous tiles - they look fab, glad the problems are all sorted out!

  3. I'm guessing your house looks similar to a dear friend's - she a blue girl too, in every room :) it is a wonderful colour and can evoke everything from calm to wacky, depending on it's shade!
    have a great week!!

  4. We do our own tile work so the only person that gets yelled at of f**ke up is my husband when he doesn't listen... he did paint the upstairs room exactly backwards to what I asked... some of it was repainted... under supervision! Have to figure out the flooring and the wall tiles for the kitchen that was mostly installed this week! & congrats on being in polymer clay daily!

  5. Oh my, construction re-dos. I've been on the other end of those. At least they didn't have to move a wall! Love the franglais!

  6. Congrats on getting noticed and published on such a great site. Your tile is lovely.

  7. Funny story, not so much when it happened though. End result is nice.

  8. Funny store and great beads in the feature, congratulations!!!

  9. Lovely Emma and Congratulations. I could live in your shades of blue world. Blue is one of my favorite colors!

  10. Congrats on the feature - that's awesome. And your kitchen looks like it's beautiful (love blue, too!) and thanks for the funny story behind it!

  11. Great work and being published too. Have you noticed that it is mostly men that do wonder it is messed up.....Usually do mine Thanks for the great post.

  12. hahaha "No blue left behind maybe my new favorite phrase"!!! and it was nice to learn some French!

  13. LOL - 'No blue left behind' would be my dream house too. But I can't convince hubby to get out of the eternal white (and I have to agree it goes with everything :) )... maybe one day, who knows?!
    Congrats (again) on your feature in the PCD!


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