Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bye Google reader–miss you!

Ok I’ve been in utter denial about google reader going away, but it seems that day comes tomorrow.  Hopefully if you are reading this in reader you have already imported my little internet slice to some other reader.  I tried Bloglovin for a bit but found myself still going back to reader.  Today it became quite clear I would need to try something else.  I downloaded the app for feedly and that was up with everything imported in maybe a minute on my phone.  I think it’s really a joy on the iphone.  Here I am though, struggling to get it to function on the laptop.  I’m thinking it doesn’t like my browser.

But this is more a shout out to say "hey – keep in touch!" I added the bloglovin button a few weeks ago and just added the feedly to the sidebar (fingers crossed that button works as it wouldn’t really let me test). Of course there is always following by email too.
Since I can’t seem to write a blog post without pictures…

Averleigh flea

So sad this picture is blurry.  This was Averleigh this morning after being given a camera from one of the vendors at the Lachute flea market (after we spent a pretty penny).  More on what we got another day when I can share some real photos.  She promptly ran around taking pictures of everything and “showing” them to me.  We even had to backtrack to another stall where she had met a dog, since she just had to get her picture.  I’m all for encouraging her imagination.


I loved the look of this little child’s pram and was so tempted to walk away with it too, but I did have to leave something behind for the other shoppers.  The perspective seems really off since the furniture in the foreground is all child size too.

Hope you all had just as fun a day as we did!

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  1. Greetings Emma from both Feedly and Bloglovin! Just like you I couldn't decide so I'll use both for awhile. I find it hard to decide until I get familiar. I noticed BL sent me a "daily feed" update before midnight via email. I am addicted to my emails. I can't check your buttons since I imported everything already. Unless I go remove you and rejoin... hmmm, maybe I'll try that tomorrow. I need someone to check my buttons, too. I thought the Feedly button making function was a little less intuitive than Bloglovin's. But I'm not that techie, as you know... Time will tell!


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