Monday, 12 November 2012

Art charm swap in aid of BOC

I had so much fun creating charms to swap and share with other artists all the while making a contribution to the Beads of Courage program.  This little swap was the brainchild of Jennifer Cameron who took on the monster task of receiving and swapping all the handmade charms, mailing each set back out to the participants. She has also photographed them all and will be running auctions here so you can join in on the fun and bid for your very own charm. 

The proceeds from the auctions are going to Beads of Courage, a very worthy cause.  From their website:
Our Mission: We are growing every day, providing innovative, arts-in-medicine supportive care programs for children coping with serious illness, their families and the health care providers who care for them. Beads of Courage, Inc. is an approved public charity under I.R.S. Code Section 501(c)(3), based in Tucson, Arizona.

Considering the cause and the theme of laughter I drew from my own experience with little kids and hospitals.  Bubbles.  Bubbles are the perfect distraction for small children and I saw at least three different bubble contraptions at our children’s hospital.  Competing for muse time was the thing that made my girl laugh the absolute hardest, in can’t-catch-your-breath giggles – our cats playing with shoelaces.

So here you have a bubble created from polymer, iridescent powder and resin with a shoelace trapped inside. One frustration was that I selected a violet iridescent powder for that rainbow effect bubbles have and the downside is that that shade when not iridising reads as yellow.  I thought my resin may have been off but no it’s crystal clear, the yellow cast comes from the powder.  I think the glow and shimmer they have makes up for it in person, but doesn’t come through that clearly in my photo.

The back got the texture of a plain old bubble wand.

There are many, many more charms to see.  I hope you will find a few that you need to make your own.

Auction Site:
Alenka Obid
Alicia Marinache
Babette Cox
Carol Watson
Carolyn Chenault
Cassi Paslick
Charlene Jacka
Cheri Reed
Cheryl McCloud
Deb Kauzlarich
Denielle Hagerman
Emma Todd
Erin Prais-Hintz
Ginger Bishop
Inge vonRoos
Jean Peter
Jeannie K Dukic
Jennifer Cameron
Kia Dallons
Kimberly Roberts
Kristi Bowman
Lea Avroch
Leslie Schenkel
Linda Florian
Lori Greenberg
Lynnea Bennett
Mallory Hoffman
Marcy Lamberson
Marsha Neal Studio
Maureen Connolly
Melissa Meman
Monique Urquhart
Natalie McKenna
Perri Jackson
Renetha Stanziano
Robin Koza
Shaiha Williams
Shannon Hicks
Shelby Foxwell
Shelley Graham Turner
Shirley Moore
Stephanie Haussler
Susan Kennedy
Toltec Jewels
Vanessa Gilkes


  1. How cute! I love me some bubbles :)

  2. Ok, that was just a brilliant idea! I love these!!! Am I understanding correctly that you made a cup shape with the clay, then filled it with the resin? It looks so cool online, I can't imagine how pretty that sparkle is in person. Well done!

  3. BUBBLES! lol you're right, few things elicit more giggles than bubbles or kittens chasing strings :)

  4. So original... both in design and concept... I know this is a hard one to photograph but it looks amazing regardless, Emma!

  5. Super cute, love the bubbles.

  6. Way cool!! Bubble and shoe lace brilliant idea!

  7. I love this! I got one of your charms in my packet for the exchange and was wondering what that doodle was inside the bead. I sure love the idea of kittens and shoelaces, bubbles and the sound of kids laughing... Love having one of your pieces in my collection of art beads now :)

  8. Bubbles and cats playing with a shoelace is a great combination! Those are adorable.

  9. Oh, my - such adorable bubbles!

  10. What a great inspiration! I love how everyone is really thinking about some really fun things. Super! Enjoy the day. Erin

  11. I just love bubbles! And I think that it is great how we can all start with the same idea and end up with so many unique designs!

  12. How fun!!! I love your bubbles!!!

  13. Wow you have so much imagination. I could have NEVER figured out how to make a bubble....great job!

  14. Neat idea! Bubbles! How cute is that?!!

  15. Sad that you have experience with a Children's Hospital - but you gave the rest of us something to think about and insight into what a great cause BOC is. Thanks.

  16. Emma I got choked up when I read this. I volunteer/intern at a childrens hopsital and oh man bubbles, bubbles are spot on and ballons. Your bubble charms are the sweetest thing ever!

  17. This is so much cooler with the back story. (Scanned the auction listings before I made it to your post.) Totally love the back! I know bubbles can be an excellent diversion for people of all ages.

  18. These are darling!! All kids love bubbles, even some big kids! ;-)

  19. Imaginative and inspiring! I love the process you described and the pieces themselves...thank you for letting us into your world....Bubbles ROCK!


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