Sunday, 18 November 2012

Are you bidding?

It’s getting close to fair warning time.  Get on over to the charm swap auctions.  The overall bidding is approaching $500!! I would love to see that number surpassed, how wonderful for Beads of Courage that would be. 

Monique Urquhart created some beautiful collages, by media, of all the charms for your shopping delight.  Our charms are hanging out here with the other polymer and ceramic ones.  Check out the other collages on her blog

I’m a little fried tonight after my first craft show in three years.  The crowds were great. I had great help from my family in the hauling department and such.  I had several long conversations with charming young kids (10ish, I can never guess) and brought home a few wee treasures.  I’ll share more after some later this week.

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  1. Your last paragraph caused me to reflect how we divide our lives into pre-kids and post-kids, Emma. Everything was SOOO uncomplicated back then, wasn't it? Can't wait to read all about the show!

    Thanks for including my link and collage. I just love the picmonkey, so low-tech and intuitive... my favourite M.O.


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