Friday, 27 April 2012

Hot Friday Night Date

Just me, the computer, a pile of paperwork and a cup of tea.  There's just nothing like a sweet night of taxes! bleck! Filing date here is April 30th, lest you think me tardy. We usually kiss the deadline since we have a kind friend who loans us his software each year and we split the cost.  Although I've been doing it so long I think it goes faster on paper since I can avoid reading every question under the sun to see if applicable, my favs:
  • NEW! Are you a volunteer Firefighter?
  • at least 5 different ways of asking if I'm an inmate
Then of course, the joy of seeing it all again as I do my husband's return. The bright spot is that we end up with a modest return.  Anything in the black I'll take as a win.

It's a weekend of birthday boys young and "hey 31 is still young!" should be an interesting contrast in celebrations.

Hope you've got something to celebrate this weekend.

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