Thursday, 26 April 2012

Crack the WIP in the Work In Progress

I prefer WIP to UFO (UnFinished Object), mostly because the former just sounds a bit more promising. These are about the size of a penny and on my work table today. That photo is in situ, it's just a peek afterall. I have a few different ideas I'm working out in these ones, and they are on the thin side, so some roadtesting will be in order.  One of my favourite qualities of polymer is that you are never done until you say so. This is raw state, but if I bake and then decide to add more clay, I can repeat this cycle over and over.  That is a wonderful thing! Right now I'm picturing doming the ones with three holes and leaving the ones with two flat. I like the rustic lean they are taking so some burnt umber may be in the future too.

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