Wednesday, 23 January 2013

It’s time for polymer headpins

I always love the inspiration, information and all around good stuff shared on Art Jewelry Elements.  Today’s post in particular, such a nice tutorial for making earrings with gorgeous glass headpins, all from Jen Cameron.   Something made me think of the polymer headpins I had made once, just playing with the idea one afternoon – uh, at least three years ago! 

So often I went to poke around the studio to see if I could find them.  They weren’t in various boxes of experiments and as I stood in the middle of the room just being still and scanning.  I caught sight of them - there in souvenir shot glass under a layer of dust, were my organic shaped head pins.

Polymer headpins

Not a single pair in the lot!  I was just experimenting with shape.  Clearly these colours would be better off with copper too but I think there are some ideas here to work from.  I will be making time to play with this this week.  I’m here telling you to make sure I get it done and come back and share!


  1. I've just started with Polymer clay and haven't been too pleased with my pieces. But this sounds like fun. I may have to try to make some polymer headpins and see if I get better at working with my clay.

  2. Those are beautiful and much lighter than Lampwork beads. Make sure you get it done so we can see more!

  3. Great idea, Emma! Can't wait to see when you have them done.


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