Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A little late Christmas gift

I almost forgot to take a photo, but my dad got his Christmas gift today.  This photo kind of flattens them out, I should have taken one from the side on.  I just didn’t want to hold on to them any longer! They are wine stoppers if that doesn’t come across on its own.

wine stoppers

Now my brain can start to think on the next things on the agenda.

I’ve got birds, eggs, nests, branches and the like on my mind in preparation for the Memories and Thanks Blog Hop coming this weekend.
I have an idea who I would like to thank, but haven’t decided on the whole concept yet.  I don’t often do much in the way of sketching but there are a few too many ideas rattling around up there I think I need to try getting them on some paper and seeing if they will behave.

I’m loving the Aspire to Wire e-course that has just kicked off (you have until Monday to join then that’s it!).  I may try and adapt yesterday’s project to suit part of my plan discussed above.  Or not. I have been rushing to the mail box each day to see if my new tools have come but sadly not just yet.  Just like a watched pot at the moment. 

The prompt this week for the Focusing on Life project is perfectly timed, by design I’m sure, so I’m excited to get that underway and share on Saturday too.  Perhaps I may find a way to roll this all into one piece.  Or not.


Here is my first (and second) attempt at the first project from Aspire to Wire.  It’s too bad that the peacock blue wire is flaking and appears to just be a bad one since the other wires are the same brand and aren’t the slightest bit flaky.  It turns out hubby’s office is just a few entrances down from a bead store that stocks it.  I emailed to check what they may have on hand and it sounds like they have the full range so I think someone will be visiting with a very detailed list.  These are NOT fully completed or of a quality I'd let leave my home, just by the way.  I want to document my progress though so cringe a bit showing you these.

Tomorrow is Thursday already, hope your week is clicking right along too!

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