Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Michael’s trap

It began innocently enough.  I saw Erin Prais-Hintz’s post offering up a challenge involving her stunning “Toast of the Town Necklace” she had created for Michael’s.  I’m borrowing her picture to show you – isn’t it beautiful!

Her latest challenge shows three different colourways, each up for grabs, and my first thought was “hey I have those blue ceramic coins!” See I just had to join in.  You can join in too, if you comment on the post – her post – today.

Then I saw Shannon Chomanczuk’s Finally Friday post featuring a primarily blue palette for reveal also on November 2nd.  It sure felt like a blue version would be the way to go.  This is “crashing blues” from Design Seeds

I set about collecting blues and decided that a quick trip to Michael’s was in order.  It was 50% off beads this week…

blue possibilities

Bear with me on the iphone pics, I just had to share tonight. On the left are some polymer coins I made a few months ago and a couple of glass rings (from Michael’s too) that I’ve had for years and a die formed two-tone polymer shell starting point that I had in mind as a toggle bar. On the right are some of the blues I had on hand, destined to be part of the bracelets I have planned for 7000 bracelets.

So off to Michael’s I went, coupon in my pocket, and polymer coins in hand to pick out some more bits. Here’s what I came home with

green possibilites

Hmm, sorry if there was some natural light you would see that is a whole mass of green beads, not blue at all.  You know what’s better than 50% off beads?  Still great 80% clearance beads, it’s not like they go bad! Now dear American friends, you get a much better price on beads than we do, it depresses me to see the difference. But still, a good deal all the same. On the left we have the mass of pale green shell beads (they say “Aqua” but they lie) and one stand of Pyrite ovals.  In the center I’m auditioning some other glass rings I had.  Lastly, on the right I couldn’t say no to the jade and ceramic rondelles.

This is the point were I decide it’s time to hurry up and leave so I don’t spend more. Which I do.  While making stops at the thrift store and Homesense for show display type items I realize I left Michael’s without what I meant to buy with my coupon!  This is the trap. They always keep me coming back.

That’s my story. Oh wait, no that’s not it, I almost forgot.  When I got home and walked over to the mailbox to pick up the mail I had left Friday since it was raining,  I found this


I tried not to get my heart set on it since I was pretty sure my sweet hubby was not going to be keen on picking this up for me. (I would totally help but someone has to stay with Averleigh).  I showed him the picture, he claims there was a “guilt trip” and it’s now in my garage.  Thanks babe.  I’m also not allowed to ask him to carry anything heavy in such a scenario for the rest of the year.  Fair deal I say.


  1. I cannot tell you the number of times I've gone into Michaels to pick up "just one thing I need to finish a piece..." and come out with a bunch of beads!

  2. Sounds like you had a lucky weekend~ those Michaels coupons get ya every time! Congrats on the new addition to your stash! :-)

  3. I totally loved Erin's necklace! May have to stop by Michaels on my way home.................(bad, bad, bad!)

  4. I have a Love/Hate relationship going with Michael's!!!LOL I get in there and just can't seem to find the door to get out!!! I have one of the serpentine carved beads left from the three I got a long time ago.I love the coin pearl beads but don't have any. Wait... I think I hear Michael's calling my name!LOL

  5. Emma, I am one of those "unfortunate" crafters who live at some distance from Michaels (or any other big box)... a 6 hour round trip. While I am not tempted on a daily or weekly basis, when I do make the trip, I tend to buy a little more than I should... just in case LOL.

    On the positive side, it has caused me to look more favourably at OOAK beads and findings online. I feel it is easier to view shipping charges in their proper context when the alternative is doing my own "shipping" ie. road trip expenses: not just gas costs, but lunches, lost time, etc. Just one gal's opinion!

  6. I love those blues BTW, Emma... any Bracelets of Hope on the horizon?

  7. Those are some really cool blues you have there! Reallllly love your PC beads and pendants! Can't wait to see what you make from this loot sitting at your new desl ;)

  8. Just this past Saturday, my daughter wanted to stop by Michaels so she could get some embroidery thread for a few friendship bracelets she's making. Could we get out of there without buying beads? No way! After first I said we'd each just pick out one strand. Then I found two I liked and had to revise up. And somehow I ended up with three!


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