Friday, 5 October 2012

Bead Soup still at a rolling boil

Have you been keeping up with the Bead Soup Book Blog Tour? I love how fitting it is. It’s even more fun for me turning to the page in the book and looking at the piece in an new light as people share more.  I already have my copy as it was a generous giveaway gift from Geneva Collins who was so clever to pre-order two copies, one for herself and one for a lucky winner – me! There’s still lots of time to join in

I’m betting that Lori’s Bead Soup Cafe on Facebook is going to be filling up with many more bead lovers as more and more people discover the fun.  It’s a great community full of beady types with lots to share.  Most recently, a Pantone themed swap, just for the love of the beads, no other requirements. 

Speaking of which, I had a note on my door today, I had missed the postwoman.  Which was a bummer since I just knew she had beads all the was from Singapore for me.  A few hours later though I was happily picking them up.  My partner Maybeline Tay received her package from me just a couple of days ago. What a pleasure to chat with Maybeline by email as we made our plans for what to exchange.  I noticed on her blog she mentioned vacationing and the Great Barrier Reef so I immediately thought of the moulds I had recently made of coral. I started there and came up with as many coordinating colours as I could pull out.


Here’s the rest: a few polymer discs (rhapsody and titanium), some polymer charms (rhapsody and french roast), polymer little logs – texture from coral itself – (french roast), freshwater pearls (honey gold), glass crackle beads (pink flambé) and buri nuts (french roast).


Perhaps I should have started with the chart itself from Pantone, in case you aren’t familiar

Here is what I was so very lucky to receive from Maybeline!


She was so kind to send that little charming fox, I had said somewhere along the was how sweet he was.  Maybeline made the fox and those perfect tangerine tango rounds to the left.  She also made the Rhapsody flower and faceted beads on the right-hand side.  Then she turned to her stash to cover as many other colours.  I think she did a fabulous job, so many interesting shapes and colours!

I have to tell you, as Averleigh always loves to open mail with me, when she saw the fox she exclaimed “Fox!” then gave it two kisses, clutched it in both hands to her chest and said “huuuugs” before handing it back to me.  She is so subtle in her claiming of beads. We shall see.

Since I so enjoy the Bead Soup Cafe I asked if anyone else would like me to share their swap since it’s so much fun to see what folks come up with.  Gerry Nickerson shared the photos of the beads she received from partner Fen Li, and the ones she sent off too. So I’ll leave you with more fun beads.

Pantone swap G Nickerson F Li


  1. Glad you like the beads and Averleigh likes the fox focal. Your selections and thoughtfulness have given me much joy too. It was a great experience to be your bead swap partner. Take care and hugs.

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  3. The coral beads you made are so incredible!! I can only imagine how pleased Maybeline must have been with the beads you sent in the Pantone colors. And I love what you receives as well....what a beautiful selection.


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