Monday, 15 October 2012

Colour me shocked!

I was lucky enough to win a spot in Birgitta Lejonklou’s Mother Earth Challenge.  The real shock though is that this lovely arrived today, the 15th, after shipping from Sweden on the 11th! Here I was all prepared to just have a little prep time and now I’m spoiled even more.

Just a cell phone pic to share today but you will see it in all it’s loveliness on reveal day November 10th.  I love the matte finish and she definitely wants to be a bracelet.  I would have been happy to create with any of the five options Birgitta generously sent out, but I’m thrilled with the blues of this piece and I know it will inspire something special.

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone creates. Thanks so much Birgitta!

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  1. Colour me jealous, Emma! She is indeed beautiful and serene, and I can't wait to see your bracelet design next month!


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