Friday, 12 October 2012

A fresh look at fall

It snowed today. I’m blocking it.

I made these brooches a few years ago while I was doing shows and pre-baby.  They didn’t get much attention at all which surprised me since I was pretty happy with them.  I have two shows coming up in November so I’ve started pulling out and accessing what I have. I still quite like them and I think I will leave them just as they are.

fall finery brooches

These feature unusually shaped fresh water pearls, wired securely into the polymer.  Just a touch of iridescence gives them that great flash.  I made sure the brooch attachment was nice looking too and each one is at an angle so it appears more like a falling leaf when worn.

I’m thinking I’ll get these listed in the shop and see what the wider world thinks.

Do you come across those situations, things you love just not getting the attention you expected? Do share!


  1. I think those are gorgeous, but I'm wondering if you sell many brooches? I guess I don't see people wearing a lot of brooches these days (I don't own any). Could that be why they didn't sell well?

    1. Oh shoot, I left that part out. The crowd at the shows I was doing is quite a bit older - they kept asking for brooches! That was part of the irony, once I made them they got no love. I did have some as necklaces and they all sold. I was reading somewhere the other day that the brooch is making a come-back so I went in search of these.

  2. I guess I'm dating myself, but I wear brooches. I usually pin them to sweaters and jackets in the winter when I'm not wearing open neck clothing. I love a chunky sweater with a group of brooches. I also like them on scarves. Of course it isn't cold yet here in the Deep South - yesterday it was 90 at 4PM!

  3. O.K., Lois is just trying to make us JEALOUS, Emma LOL. We had snow here in NB yesterday, too. I think you're right on the money about trying to cater to your "crowd". I actually have run across mention of brooches. Marcie talked about them at on Wednesday (she DOES reference her mother!) For certain they remain popular this time of year.

    Do you follow Carolyn ( or Joan (, both PC gals from BC? A big part of Carolyn's business seems to be in local shops catering to the knitters, where she sells her shawl/scarf pins and a lot of buttons. I know Joan is doing a show locally this weekend (Knit City) which is new to her; I'm anxious to hear how her sales were. I understand she shares studio space with a fibre artist as well.

    I'm guessing that kind of crossover business is going to increase as the population ages, so you may be ahead of the curve if you are moving in that direction, Emma. Maybe that's why your brooches haven't caught on?Love those leaf pins, BTW... well, love anything that involves PC peeking out from a metal frame!


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