Monday, 26 May 2014

The creative continuum of 7 artists–reveal 5!

If you were looking for my Bead Soup Blog Party post, find that here – Psst – there is a giveaway!

Here we are, end of May almost and it’s time to bring you another installment of the CC7A.  It’s crazy to think it’s already the end of May, but really here we are.  As a reminder here is the gang, brought together by Alicia to have a grand old time.

Here’s the team:
Monique of A Half-Baked Notion
Christine of One Kiss Creations
Cynthia of Antiquity Travelers
Sally of The Studio Sublime
Therese of Therese's Treasures
Alicia of All The Pretty Things
and me makes 7

This month Alicia has provided some gems for all of us to be inspired by the seasons.  I received some pretty crazy lace agate and, yet again, did not take a photo before I got down to business.  I had the little bag sitting on my work table and while I was working on another project this one sort of jumped up and butted in, in the best of ways. 

I was mixing some cut away bits of clay and was enjoying the striated silver/grey/white when I realized it would be perfect for the cab. I went skinnier and skinnier on my pasta machine until I had a long thin piece to play with.  This is also when the gems turned decidedly winter in feeling.  I felt like a was wrapping the cab face with a polymer scarf against a cold wind.

upclose winter veil

I tried not to cover up too much stone, just enough to be secure in its voluminous polymer folds.  About the only time I tolerate yellow is with a cool grey so the rest of the palette was really shouting “go on – just use yellow would you!”

So I did!

disc detail

Oh drat, I didn’t really give you that view all in focus… but I made these three little textured concave discs in polymer that I later drilled holes in one I decided which way was up and to act as the clasp (button style) on the right.

full winter veil

I went very different on the knotting.  I was going for a denser bunch on the right and thinning out on the left.  I will need to explore more but I like that it is a bit unexpected from one side to the other.

winter veil on

Lastly, a view of it on.  I must dash today so I won’t talk your ear off.  Today is Averleigh’s 4th birthday and while the official party with friends will be on the weekend coming up today calls for celebrating too!

photo (2)

She certainly looks up for an adventure with her cheesy grin before preschool.  I also had to stifle a giggle as she started to recount a story to me this morning “Back when I was three…” sheesh!


  1. Happy birthday, Averleigh! Now that she is so "mature" she is enjoying sharing memories of her youth :)

    I love the asymmetrical planning behind your design, Emma, the winter flowers and the well-dressed focal :) Actually, it is so cold here today that I may need to put a winter layer on my cab as well ;)

  2. Happy 4th birthday, Averleigh! She's such a lovely young lady :)

    That was unexpected - in a great way! I love the idea of wrapping the cab in a 'scarf' and the rest of elements mix and match so well into your design. Absolutely beautiful! Once again, I am completely in awe how the 7 of us could go in as many directions with the same components :)
    Love the necklace :)

  3. I love this necklace! When I first saw it, I thought the clay "scarf" was leather. I love the organic look of it, and I also am totally in love with your polymer discs!

  4. Happy Birthday Averleigh! I hope being four is everything you hoped it would be.
    Emma your designs never disappoint. Your necklace is beautiful it is like a stormy summer day, gray blue sky with pops of yellow and red.

  5. Happy Birthday Averleigh! When I looked at your necklace I thought the clay surrounding the cab was silk fabric. I have a hard time with yellow too but I have found that I like it with blue. I do really like the three textured concave discs that you made though. Great design Emma.

  6. Your focal looks like the neck of a woman wearing a ruffled up scarf on a cold day - looks just like fabric

  7. love the concave discs. I don't use a lot of yellow but when i do it always makes me happy to see the results. Yellow is such a happy colour. your polymer wrap looks like fluid fabric. and I love the striated look to it.

  8. Happy birthday to your Averleigh! I hope that she is enjoying being 4 .. ha! What an amazingly, fantastic and surprising design this is! It is the perfect awakening to spring .. at least from this year! I love that you've created the ripples of a blanket around your cab - truly wonderful work! and LOVE those concave discs - love that pop of color!

  9. Cool focal. I love the yellow discs that you used in combination with the focal. Perfect piece. Happy Birthday to Averleigh too!

  10. A big Happy Birthday to your little girl :-D
    Your necklace has so many wonderful details but one doesn't overpower the next one. How do you do that?! The polymer blanket bezel is sensational, and the yellow discs are little beauties, and the red thread is genius. This is a really lovely, unique piece ~ very strong, powerful, feminine, delicate. You seemed to hit all the right notes with this one.

  11. When I first looked at your close-up picture, before reading the design story, I assumed the flowing/rippling grey formed around your cab was a piece of Shibori silk (hope I spelled that correctly!?). I was so amazed to read that it is 'polymer clay'! Amazing! Fabulous design!

  12. Happy birthday to your sweet little one. Your focal and necklace are wonderful?

  13. A BIG Happy Birthday to the little one!!
    Emma, I love the color palette of the design and I can't believe that that is clay and not fabric that the cabby is wrapped in, WOW!!!! Gorgeous!!!


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