Thursday, 27 March 2014

Bead Soup has arrived!

I posted this teaser pic the other day of the soup I was sending out.  Not too hard to see it had plenty of blue.

soup tease

Now I know that it is safely in the hands of my partner, Cindy Boissonneault, I can unswirl the photo to share what I sent for this 8th BSBP.

bead soup

Heavy on the blue indeed, as I decided my aim would be some of my favourite things. A polymer focal made from my favourite antique button, and the flame painted copper toggle in front are the principal ingredients.  I added a selection of polymer headpins, connectors, faceted pebbles,a coin and the little flower pair.  Waxed linen and sari silk I love to work with had to be there too. Then I turned to my gems to see what would go with the scheme.  It was slim pickings of my beloved kyanite and I think that’s called antique agate and a few freshwater pearls.  All of which I really need to re-hoard!  I was relieved to hear that Cindy was excited to get to work with these elements and that it was outside her comfort zone.

Now for the lovely soup I received from Cindy!

my bead soup 8bsbp

Isn’t it beautiful in all its blue and silver glory?  That clasp sure is the star, and I had to angle it just so, so that you could see the brilliant blue flash in the stone.  What the photo hides is that the clasp is for five strands, something I’ve never worked with before so will be a wonderful challenge.  Would you believe I also don’t own a single dagger bead – well until now.  All sorts of ideas with spikes are coming to mind.  I’m not sure the correct names of all these gems so I’m just going to go with “ooooh pretty blue stones” for now.  So you can see the colour scheme is wonderful for me but there is still plenty challenge with these new-to-me forms.  Ah, the magic of bead soup!

May 3rd is the reveal day, and one thing is for sure, Cindy and I will have plenty of blue jewelry to show that day.


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