Friday, 7 February 2014

Catching up!

Things have been a little quiet here while I have been working away to prepare for my first ever February craft show.  Ottawa is home to Winterlude a very special yearly event centered around the Rideau Canal Skateway which is 7.8km long – or kinda a big deal as the world’s longest skating rink!  There are a great number of events across the city to celebrate.  This year the ladies of the Curious Shop are hosting the For the Love of Winter – an art market – TOMORROW!

swirls in ice

I have been busy working on keeping winter in mind while designing.  The ones above remind me of what the ice surface looks like as your skates cut through.  Below are some others that are nearing completion… they will be finished tonight!

photo 2

Since good old February 14th is just around the corner I thought about some romantic type designs too

Romantic 2014

But don’t worry I know spring will be right around the corner I have another project on the go that *fingers crossed* will make it to the show tomorrow. 

tassel love

These tassels (pardon the wacky lighting) have now been banded with a textured polymer and I think will be the perfect “feathering of the nest” for these beautiful birdies from blueberribeads.

blueberribeads birdies

That’s it from me! Gotta tie up all these loose ends and pack ‘em up and bring them to the show with a smile!


  1. Good luck with the show - everything here ROCKS!!! Happy Saturday - Tanya

  2. Great designs, the first in particular is beautiful. Hope the show goes well for you.

  3. Good luck with the show. I love your ice pendants.....your inspiration of skating is wonderful !

  4. your jewellery looks wonderful, I hope the show was a success


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