Monday, 9 September 2013

focus on life–week 36–in two

Let’s pretend for a moment it’s Saturday and I’m sharing with you this week’s focus on life m’ok?  Sally Russick of the Studio Sublime prompted us to look for things in pairs, as they are everywhere in our lives. 

I instantly knew what picture I wanted to share and I walked past the scene going in and out of the house all week long thinking: “hmm, I should tidy a bit before taking the picture…” That never came to be.

A couple of years ago I bought an ikea cd tower, used, for next to nothing and installed it my tiny foyer to hold all of Averleigh’s shoes (and hats and mittens and so on).  I love that there are spots that she can reach and spots she can’t.  It has been a perfect solution for us to the assortment of little things by the door.  I think I can probably eek out another year or so of the footwear fitting in the little shelves. On the side there are two pink puppy dog tail hooks for her to hang her jacket and hat.  Pairs of shoes, a pair of hooks, yup right on theme.

Although the real theme of the week is that I seem to be perpetually in two minds about so many things.  I like to think I enjoy doing lots of research and weighing all options to make informed decisions.  At times though it seems that I get stuck in that indecision without even realizing it is indecision.  Then there are all the times of being in two minds about what I am doing and what I should be doing.  That’s been part of the quiet around here.

Sunday I decided to head out to Almonte, a small town about an hour away to see the sights at Fibrefest.  I hadn’t planned on going but a Saturday night chat with my mum about the day she and dad had spent there, well, I couldn’t miss out.  With a head cold starting up, I grabbed a coffee and hit the road – all by myself ! – to explore.

button booth

A whole arena of all things fibre and buttons, buttons – buttons! This collage is just one of several booths of button sellers.  It must have been a full hour that I spent combing over all these gorgeous buttons.  At one point a card I had sitting up to take a few buttons from was nabbed by another shopper, lets say about 50 years my senior, I didn’t kick up a fuss.  When the card came back my way, sure enough the only three removed from it were the ones I was after.  I decided she had great taste, and at that moment started pulling them off and keeping track of the price with my phone so I wouldn’t miss out again. 

I walked away with a great many and my favourite, the most expensive button I have ever bought, was indeed made in two pieces, how fitting.


I wonder what other twos are cropping up

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