Friday, 31 May 2013

focus on life–week 22- foodie

“What ya eatin?” asked Sally Russick in her ever charming and inspiring weekly prompt for the focus on life series at the Studio Sublime.

Here’s the answer

week 22 foodie

That’s my mum, a true foodie.  There is nothing she can’t cook.  As a family who had four out of six members have braces, she could whip up a soufflé of almost any size at moment’s groan.  Here she is holding a whole container of “Christmas cookies” [I have no idea what they are really called I just associate them with Christmas].  Can you make them out?

close up goat cookies

Baby goat cookies!! Ok, well baby goat shaped cookies would probably be more correct.  They are buttery, but not what I think of as shortbread and I believe the icing is like an egg white type thing.  See, I am clearly not the foodie.  I know, now you are thinking why baby goats?

When Averleigh was quite young, she had some kind of dislike/phobia of goats.  This was before she could speak. If you turned the page of a book and a goat was there she would hide it with her hand.  If you made a “meh'” or “bleat” or other vague goat-like sound she would shake her head and cover your mouth.  The goat shaped puzzle piece was always thrown across the room… You get the idea.  It was comical that this idea of hating goats seemed to go on forever for no apparent reason at all.  Then one fine day she fed some baby goats, after much convincing, and it was decided that baby goats – and only baby goats- were actually ok. 

How many three year olds get goat cookies atop a birthday cake? Oh but she is loved!

I’m betting this isn’t going to sound at all strange when I see what the rest of you are all munching on right here

PS. I will have an anklet to share for the blog hop Saturday, I’m not sure what
 time yet, but there will be a post ;)


  1. WHAT?! She hates goats?! Pricilla would be most put out....I hope you have shown her the photos on Pricilla's blog of the baby goats tomorrow Mick and Keith will be climbing all over their nanny Thelma.

    I have that baby goat cookie cutter.

  2. What cute cookies - and what a clever mum!

  3. I don't like cooking either... my mother used to mail me care packages with cookies in them... Those are very cute cookies... I'll send you my address if you have some left overs?

  4. What a nice picture of your mother. And what fun cookies and they have a story.

  5. Your Mum looks likes she's enjoying sharing those cookies with you! Awesome shot. And, what a cute story - love this post! The cookies do look yummy.

  6. What a great story Emma. The goat cookies are sooo cute.

  7. Oh that is the cutest thing! I remember having nightmares about lobsters - my mother brought some home and let them play on the floor - I think everyone does this - then stuffed them in the pot. I was sure they were going to come back and chase me with their claws! To this day I can't cook a lobster lol!

  8. Those cookies are so cute! I don't like goats either...not sure why. It's so nice of your mom to make these special cookies, and now you have a story to tell when Averleigh starts dating.

  9. Oh bless her how cute. Those cookies look great

  10. Adorable! Those cookies are so cute. I imagine "most" kids would love them. : ) Looking forward to seeing your anklet!


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