Saturday, 20 April 2013

focus on life–week 16–take a walk

Hello friends! I have, just this moment, completed blog hopping the second reveal of the Bead Soup Blog Party.  What an amazing race of jewelry loving.  I’m sorry it meant I didn’t make it around to see all the aged beauty of last week, and I missed it.  I love seeing all the beautiful photos and reading the stories behind them.

So this week, we are all off on a walk as per Sally Russick’s weekly instruction.  Well folks, I’m a wimp.  If it’s snowy and cold (as it was when her prompt arrived) I don’t go for a walk for kicks.  But by Friday between showers I convinced little one to join me outside (she takes after me in the “I’m freezin” department).

She wasn’t keen to walk, but ride her tricycle – sure.  It’s sweet that her legs aren’t long enough yet to keep her feet on the pedals the whole swing around, but she keeps them there rather than on the bar underneath – where they were in the fall.

- side note I may be suffering from “oh my goodness, when did my baby become a kid” as my parents (who can plan ahead) brought me preschool registration forms for her for the fall.  It didn’t really register in my head that was something to be doing now in April.  She’s still so young…um turns out not so much.

Back to our walk! We have a newly made rec path that goes right behind out house through an easement for power lines.  Our kitchen looks out onto the path so we know every dog in the neighbourhood and their walking schedule as Averleigh loves to watch them.  We were on the path for about two seconds before there were dogs to snuggle – Snuggles and Axel.  Back on track, we got oh ten more steps before I spotted a pair of ducks on the ponds that appear as the snow and ice melt.  This prompted getting off the tricycle to go chase the ducks. 

photo (23)

Yeah, If you were going duck hunting this kind of outfit and giggle-run would be just the perfect strategy for them to stay put right?

photo (24)

So we chased ducks all over, either side of the path.  Can you find the pair of Mallards in the photo above?  When she was frustrated at not getting to pet them or know their names she discovered the puddles.

photo (25)

I caught charming (to me, I’ll spare you) video of her narrating her jumping in the puddles, complete with mimicking the sounds.  I took this picture and then put my phone away knowing it was about to get real dirty.

I have to find her some splash pants is one clear lesson.  Eager to see where everyone’s feet took them.  I’ll wager you weren’t wearing stripped rain boots with pink tulip handles.  Head on over to the Studio Sublime to see it all!


  1. i just LOVE the shot of her running towards you along the yellow line :) every walk's an adventure with a little one - i miss those days... *sigh*
    thanks for lettng us share your walk :)
    have a great week!
    no 18 on the list

  2. What a cutie, can't help but smile at your photos, she looks like she had a great time and I bet you did too!

  3. I really enjoyed being on your walk with you and your cute daughter. My granddaughter is starting K-grade this fall too, and I actually get to be there! I can't wait.

    I did try to find the ducks...but no luck.

  4. LOve playing in the mud... When we still lived in SK I would spend hours oon sunny days rerouting the water from the frozen ice so that it didn't run into the garage....Your daughter looks like she was having a blast!

  5. oh boy you got yourself a live one! she looks like she is having a ball chasing things around :) and I hope she didn't lose a boot in that puddle of her's :O

  6. Cute pictures of your daughter and her adventures! Love the outfit!

  7. This post makes me giggle, too. Such a happy day!

  8. You never know what will happen with a little one on a walk!! They notice everything and make you stop and notice too. Great post and photos!

  9. What a great adventure for both of you. I just love seeing things through a child's eyes. They see things so differently than us adults. Hug her often. They do grow up so fast!!!!

  10. Oh, what fun! I bet she was mud head to toe!!! Mom said I use to come home like that and she would have to take me out back and take the water hose to get all the mud off before she allowed me inside. Love, love, love that first pic of her running with the big smile on her face. Thanks for showing us the fun to be had in mud again!!!

  11. What an adorable walking companion. Her little smile just lights up the photo....

  12. I'm sure the video is charming! What a sweetie!

  13. You've had such a fun walk! If it makes you feel any better - she'll love puddles for many years to come (my son is 10 and still his greatest joy is to get as dirty as possible in the shortest time available!) :)
    Enjoy your times together - they are the best!


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