Saturday, 2 February 2013

Lucite and clay blog hop reveal

Today is a three post day!
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Welcome! Apologies for being a bit late to the party.  It doesn’t seem to matter how much time I have components for inspiration always seems to come and change my plans at the last minute.  For this challenge I received a package of lucite beads, sight unseen, from Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures.  I didn’t actually take a picture as they arrived, but here is what I have left

leftover links
The blue links I think are very fun and I’m sure they will find a home in a project soon but I was on a mostly analogous bent and these wouldn’t work for this

lucite best
I don’t work with wire very often – in fact I usually avoid it.  This year I decided that simply wouldn’t work anymore; I needed to get my wire work up to par.  So I joined the Aspire to Wire e-course and I am having just the best time I will be so sad when it is over.  I used the bulk of the lucite beads to create a wire wrapped chain. This is something I have never really sat down and had patience with myself to complete.  It’s not perfect, but I’m pleased it’s not sloppy.  From there the rest of my plans got thrown out the window as recent course projects started to play in my head.  The coiled wire knot took centre stage.  I created a polymer flower accent and filled it with Kerry’s version of wire french knots. On the left I painted one of my head pin experiments to dangle and created a simple hook clasp. 

lucite details
I also made matching earrings which is usually a rare occurrence for me.  I did not make the ear wires myself as I already had some nice handmade ones it was high time they got used.

lucite earrings bestcopy

 I had so much fun with this challenge of a colour palette for me.  It' got me off exploring my new wire knowledge and I’m anxious to try more.  I’m very interested to see what everyone else came up with from their surprises, please check them out below.  Thank you so much Lisa for letting me play along!

P.S – next post up today includes a giveaway, I’d love to have you back!

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  1. What a unique and inventive piece! I love the polymer flower with the different colored wires as the center. :)

  2. OMG!!! (Sorry to be so dramatic, but your set just blew me out of the water). So creative, so cool, so nifty in every way. I other words -I love it! Thanks for being in the hop!!

  3. beautiful set! love the design.

  4. Well, you are definitely a walking advertisement for that class woman! If you don't work with wire very much, and this is what you created from taking the class, I seriously need to take it! That is some holy moly gorgeousness! Wow!!

  5. Your wire course is serving you very, very well. That piece is phenomonal!

  6. I am one proud teacher!! This looks beautiful!!

  7. Okay now I know I need to take that wire course. What a fantastic bracelet design, I would totally wear that!

  8. What great pieces. I love your little coiled love knots in the necklace and on the earrings. Very pretty.

  9. Special and cool jewelry!! Love your earrings -- and the exquisite, perfect wirework you've done in them! Your bracelet is lovely also -- the antique wire and pumpkin beads is amazing!

  10. Oh! Your wire work is awesome. I wish I took that course. I love the color combinations too. Great job!

  11. My goodnes, but you are a FANSTASTIC STUDENT of Kerry's class! This necklace is absolutley gorgeous! Right down to the little petals (of wire) coming out of that flower! Beautiful job!!!


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