Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cooking or creating?

Some can cook with such skill and artistry that they really are creating a meal. That’s not me though.

True story – tonight I texted a picture of the meat I was about to cook to my husband to make sure it was good.  It was fine.    I really have so little experience, I was worried.  “This is scary” I sent as I started to cook it with what I felt was not much instruction.  Me and this cooking thing – we are still sizing each other up.  Tasted good enough and we are both still alive so all is good.

Yes, I would much rather be creating.  I haven’t been up to much of that lately.  I’m loving the gorgeous e-course Aspire to Wire that is filling my head full of good ideas.  I am patiently awaiting more supplies and tools to really get traction and try some things.  One thing is for certain I sure am going to miss my daily dose of Kerry as a teacher when it ends. 

Speaking of cooking and creating, prepare yourself for the all you can eat buffet of food puns coming your way!  Lori Anderson, top chef extraordinaire, invites us to reserve our table and sign up, this weekend for the next instalment of the Bead Soup Blog Party, woohoo!

Allow me to whet your appetite (yeah, I said it) with what I sent my partner Lois Moon de Padilla for the last BSBP.  I actually have more peacock feathers on my worktable at this very moment just waiting for me to play some more. 


It was so much fun to see what Lois came up with  - go see! Of course I also got my own awesomely curated bundle of beads that I loved working with.  I loved seeing everyone sharing their soup as it arrived.   I would always be mentally designing away and end up quite surprised at reveal day.  I took my time to make it through all the blogs and it was such a treat, eye candy overload.  I really couldn’t pick a favourite part, it’s all so much fun.  I’m so happy that Lori keeps on inviting us back for more helpings… hope to see you around the table.


  1. I'm excited, too! And Kerry's course is great.

  2. I hope I can take that course in the future. I love your soup! I would be thrilled to get it. I think I will try to put my soup together today.


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