Thursday, 27 September 2012


It seems that I tend not to blog unless I have pictures to share. So lets start there today shall we?

When I made these wavy ruffle beads I was just playing around a bit with the last bit of a colour mix. There is a slight size gradation and I like how that turned out. I really wish I had kept that size/ratio in some form of record, but that’s what ends up happening when I play.  I’ll probably get distracted on to something else trying to figure it out again, but that’s the plan next time I sit down at the worktable.  The best part of this is that I ordered those buri nuts and on the day they arrived in the mail I had them made into jewelry.  That has never happened before.  Ever. 

Speaking of my worktable, I’ve had the start of an idea hanging out there for at least two weeks now.  It’s for the ABS monthly challenge and as I linked that I see the deadline is pretty much now, so I guess I won’t make it.  Oh well, I had hoped to keep the string going but I guess I’ll miss the fun this time.  Although the piece still needs to be made to satisfy my brain, someday at least.

I’ve been busy with other projects I can’t share just yet. There’s more I made along side one said project which I’m also not sharing yet since I don’t want to give any hints at all. Vague much?

So my husband bought a car today and I received a new recipe from a friend.  For those who know me well, they know the second part of that sentence is the shocker.  There is only one thing I can cook and that is carrot cake (priorities people!).  October 1st my husband will be starting a new job – across town – with long hours.  That’s all fine by us since he was laid off way back in February.  Finding a job that he is excited about and knows he can really make his own is really a great thing. Small side effect is that he won’t be home in time to feed his loving wife and child. Now I get to learn how to cook! I know, how could a “woman of my age” not know how to cook? What can I say it happened.

I hope I catch some enthusiasm about this new adventure into the kitchen.  I’m sure I’ll find a way to enjoy it and have Averleigh help and it will all turn out well.  We will have fun. We will eat good food. And if all else fails there was a four month period when I survived on almost peanut butter toast alone…. I won’t let it get to that.  Feel free to poke fun at my spoiled self – but then please pity me and share your recipes.  Unless they contain celery.  Celery is not a food.


  1. *TeeHee* yes, Emma, celery IS a food, dear... but you don't have to include it in your recipes. I used to hate celery but now I tolerate it 'cause everyone else here loves it.

    Does your hubby keep his recipes written down? That would be the best place to start. If you like recipes online I recommend they have a great search engine by ingredient, that not only finds by "Ingredients to Include" but also by "Ingredients to Exclude" (like celery LOL). Nice for ideas when you want to use up what's already in the fridge.

    BTW, I agree that it is more fun to blog when we can include a pic! Love that necklace... where did you order the buri nuts? I'm taking a break from all challenges, swaps, etc. starting next month, even ABS. Not even commenting to win stuff (I was uncharacteristically VERY lucky this year, anyway). Just takin' a break!

  2. Miss Emma, First~ LOVE the beads you made, this necklace is FAB! Secondly congrats to your DH on getting a job, I know its a blessing. Lastly, I like to cook and have quite a few simple & delicious recipes I can share. Let me know when peanut butter starts getting boring :-)

  3. I used to like to cook. Until it became something that I HAD to do (I have a husband who has no idea how to get pasta from its dry state to edible). After a while, I decided this didn't really have to be my responsibility, so now I cook only sporadically, when I actually feel like it. It's more fun that way. My husband and daughter make do, and no one is ill from nutritional imbalances :-) Fresh veggies in the fridge and take-out works great too.

    If you WANT to cook, I'd recommend a slow-cooker, and some good soup recipes. Cream of potato and leek soup --so easy, so good. And a good bread machine.

    And that's a beautiful necklace, and probably much more fun than cooking!

  4. That is a gorgeous necklace. And think of cooking as playing, and you'll be fine.

  5. What a gorgeous necklace! As far as recipes go, I collect them in my pininterest account. Feel free to browse and copy. Oh name on the account is Shaiha. And using a slow cooker is the way to go.


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