Thursday, 14 March 2013

Resin Bauble Slider challenge accepted!

Sketch 2012-11-01 01_19_11

I found them! They were tucked in behind the others but I sure did find them!

My little pink ellipses are showing you the most unusual resin sliders that I first thought “what the heck is that?” when Lorelei Eurto shared them the other day.  She thought they would be the perfect component for a little challenge.  Now hearing her plan was to have participants the next day I thought I’d have to give it a miss.  But when she shared the participants “so far”this morning it seemed the door was open to go see if my Michael’s would be as up to date.  I was practically shocked to find them. Yay!

I have to share this picture in particular for Lorelei’s post

Their shape, that little zig-zag makes me think of butane. That’s /\/ shape is how you represent the structure of butane, and it was the first thing to pop into my head.  Next thought was bug eyes because of that photo above. 

This is going to be fun!  I promise the final piece I share on reveal day, March 27th, will not include any bugs on fire.

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  1. HaHa, I still don't get this component (and I'm not takin' a 6-hour round trip to Michaels)... but more importantly, your /\/ made me do a rare "chemical structure" search for C4H10 'cause its been THAT long since I cracked a chem text, Emma. I promise I'll be back to see what the heck gets created with the enigmatic resin geodesic domes.


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