Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Let’s talk true colours

First things first, my Bead Soup is officially on it’s way!  Now, it was supposed to be sent by July 2nd, and I had every intention of getting it off on Friday before the holiday Monday but that just didn’t happen.  I confess! Now, after a good chunk of time online trying to figure out the best method to ship it, and another 5 minutes at the counter discussing options I’m not entirely sure what way it shipped.  How crazy is that?  Things got even more confusing as it just barely passed the infamous “slot of doom” test.  To ship by lets call it “regular mail” you must be skinnier than 20mm if you’re not then the options get all crazy. Essentially, I believe I payed half the price to ship it “light packet” by air than have it go ground as “small packet”…. See why the confusion!

All that to say, I’m going to tell you all about my partner once the package gets there (I really don’t want to give anything away)– and I’m very curious to know when that will be!  Meanwhile here is a sneak peek.

Oh dear, looks like some sort of kitty snuggle photo bomb.  You will just have to wait!

But look at that china! Isn’t it gorgeous?  I love it and I should really eat off it more often.  But I’m not just showing it to you to be mean about the beads heading South, or to confess that I almost never entertain.  I’m showing you my fancy pants china to show you how much of a blue girl I am, that's my true colour.  I love blue, always have. There are three bedrooms in my home and they are all blue, same goes for the kitchen.  Yup, I often choose blue over everything else.  So when it came time to start filling the shelves of my shop I reminded myself to use the whole rainbow.  That backfired.

I’m not alone in my love of blue and this month’s challenge over at Art Bead Scene is just blue all over.

That’s Pablo Picasso’s “Two Acrobats with a dog” circa 1905.  As you soak in all the blue, be inspired to join in the 7000 bracelets project.  My brain is spinning up designs and with a background in Science I’m probably going to be walking the line of geeky craft, but we shall see.  Don’t ring the Nerd Alert bell just yet.

There is also this shot that’s been hanging around on my Try it in Polymer board on Pinterest.  Oops, looks like in those days it didn’t attribute properly – originally here

So, who’s with me?


  1. I'll take the beautiful china too! Your beads are flying north right now and I'm waiting for photos to upload so I can post a teaser pic. Quite a good looking cat I'm getting!

    My experience at the post office had fewer decisions, but quite a bit of local character. It was a chatty line up of farmers, refugees from Haiti, a minister, a few guys who pay all their bills with money orders, and some ancient ladies...all talking politics!

  2. Beautiful china. I love blue, and can't wait to see what you do this month. As a nerd myself, it sounds very interesting. :)


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