Saturday, 14 July 2012

Keeping the creativity moving

Well I tried today to go back to my clay and make some special beads to become bracelets for the ABS challenge. A few minutes in and I decided to just put it all away.  Wrap it up. Put it away. Go do something else.

Do you ever do that?  I was at the point where if I didn’t just get it out of sight I’d keep fiddling and ultimately make all those colours into one mud pile. 

So instead, to keep something moving creativity wise I got to work on a logo.  The real push for this was a sale at Moo that I wanted to be sure to catch, ending today.  I’m mostly happy with it.  I’m no graphic designer, just doing what I can to get something cohesive going.  Once I had that I created some stickers and minicards which I think are going to be awesome.  That then lead me to trying my hand at a blog header…which lead to a changing up the colour scheme…which somehow lead to some wackiness in the sidebar (even thought I didn’t touch it).  After what must of been an hour fiddling, much frowning and muted swearing – I give up.  For the most part though, I like the new look, it’s pretty bright for me, but hey it’s summer!

Hope you are enjoying the weekend.  Monday I’ve got a new feature planned.  One I think will be a regular occurrence, hope you come back to check it out! Small hint – it’s handmade focused.

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  1. Yes and I am thankful that polymer scrap is useful! Sometimes getting away from it helps! I like your banner!


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