Saturday, 16 June 2012

It’s Finally Friday–already!

Seems like Friday was just here.  But I was determined to get something going to show you today, the real deal Friday, for Shannon’s Finally Friday.  I sat down a few hours ago, once little miss was sleeping, and got to mixing up some greens.  Maybe it was a bit of an easy out but I opted to make a somewhat abstract version of an artichoke polymer cane.  Today you get to see some raw clay since I didn’t get all that far in making beads, but they are at least started.

raw artichoke
Part of the reason I was so determined to get the wheels turning on this was that I was thinking: “what do I really want to have on my blog?”  In turn, that process had me thinking about what I love about so many of my favourite blogs.  I think the regular features (or not even regular, but recurring) are often amongst my favourites.  There are way too many to list but just looking at what popped into my reader today…
  • Finally Friday – which is new to me but I really enjoy the concept
  • There’s Kitty Photo Friday that always makes me smile, they all look like sweeties!
  • Heather always shares her Friday Faves (actually, side note -  I think I love these since I first met Heather when I was 5 and we went all the way through school together. I haven’t seen her in years but her blog sounds just like her – like grown up five year old her, if that makes any sense) – But you’ll love her faves cuz their awesome|!
So I think I’ll be trying to come up with something I’d like to do regularly on my little slice of the interwebs – not on a Friday though. Hmmm

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  1. yay! glad you got something started. Me too this week. I love your interpretation of the picture, lovely. Did you know that some nail artists take tiny slices of clay canes and put them in acrylic as nail art? Yup we do :-)


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