Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Finally Friday, sorta

I work this odd work week of Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at the day job so most of the time my Wednesday does feel a bit like a Friday.  Basically, I never know what day of the week it is!
I finished up some pendants that were in progress, but then took a left turn last week when I saw Shannon’s pick for her Finally Friday series – beaded bright from design seeds.  I thought I had missed a chance to join in the fun but Shannon kindly let me know that I could share up until Friday. Yay!

These pendants also happen to be the first beads I’ve completed using my The Cutting Edge tools from Dan Cormier and Tracy Holmes.  They feature a crackle tone-on-tone surface, done with ink, that is surprisingly smooth.


This shot shows the crackle best.  I love how the size varied so much, but I wish I had a bit more contrast between the ink bronze and the clay bronze shade. I don’t know, maybe the subtlety will
grow on me.


All four together.  I found I had in my stash the perfect shade of recycled sari silk for a couple to hang from.  Of course I dug through the whole bag and had only one strand, isn’t that always the way? So since it was so wide I ripped it down the middle.  I’m not sure I’ll find anything else in my stash to go from there so maybe they’ll just hang around the studio waiting for more.  We’ll see.


So Friday, the real Friday, is coming back around really quickly, not sure I’ll think of something for all those greens…maybe just that big ‘ole mess.


  1. Lol, I haven't made anything and I am the hostess. I work tues, wed and thurs 10-12 hrs doing nails so I can relate to being all messed up.
    Thanks for playing this week and I love the crackle!

  2. Those paisley shaped pendants are gorgeous! The colors are so beautiful.

    I just realized I have not even thought about this Friday's inspiration--or what to make. I might have to sit this one out since I'm overloaded with work, ballgames and more.


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