Monday, 4 June 2012

Bursting with anticipation!

So I have this poppy I’ve managed not to kill for I think four years now.  It looks like a bit of a disaster really, and it’s been defended as, “that’s not a weed! more than once to my dandelion pulling husband.  It’s just about to hit it’s moment.  I have  nine buds that have been getting fatter and fatter for days and I keep sticking my head out the door to catch them pop – literally.  I tried to take a picture of my rain battered garden to share with you today and frankly all the poppy buds looked a little um bulging….


While blowing bubbles in the light rain we also stop to smell the flowers


Averleigh requested purple flowers before I went annual shopping so I did my best to oblige with some salvia (above and below) and I think that one in the foreground above was called “blue violet”.  I have this silly rule in my garden where I get rid of all the annual tags so I don’t mistake them for perennials.  It’s a flawed system, but I’m committed.


Until my poppies burst I’m happy with my smattering of annuals and in particular this big dahlia (“cotton candy” maybe, or something like that)


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