Saturday, 22 March 2014

focus on life–week 12–expressions

I hesitate to look at the last week I participated in focus on life – I’ve missed it.  I just took a peek at this week’s prompt last night: expressions.  Quite fitting that this morning was Averleigh’s first little dance recital.  The last 15 minutes of her dance class parents were allowed into the room to watch.  The girls all had a great time, some with more of their own rhythm than others. Seeing each of them dance in turn, using their whole bodies to express themselves, it was a little window into each's personality.  Many a beautiful expression to see.  I wish I had thought to bring my longer lens!  I love the blur of her skirt in this twirl.

expression copy


  1. She is really enjoying herself at dance class. She has grown so much and she's cute as can be in that tutu!

  2. She looks like she's having fun! And she's definitely getting bigger!


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