Sunday 16 March 2014

A soup on its way!

Can you believe that right now there are 500 soups criss-crossing the globe?! I confess that mine will only be starting its journey tomorrow morning as I found myself suddenly sick at the end of the week and then back to normal Saturday.  I’ve been sick like this before, blinding headache, can’t even keep water down, then back to normal as quick as it came on.  I’m keeping track and will hopefully get myself to the doctor next time, just wasn’t in a position to drive myself.

On to much nicer beady things!  For this 8th Bead Soup Blog Party I’m partnered up with a fellow Canadian, Cindy Boissonneault of . Taking a look through Cindy’s gallery she sure does have quite the array of beautiful pieces in many colours, textures and techniques.  I was so thrilled to see she had such experience with a variety that hopefully she will have a fun time working with the soup I had planned.

My plan this time around was just to work with my favourite things in the hopes that if I really loved the soup and felt the tinge of “oh maybe I’ll keep this” then it would be a good one!  I fear I will say too much, I don’t want to ruin the surprise so for now just a teaser.

soup tease

Ok that does give away the palette a bit, but that’s the prettiest teaser pic so I am going to stick with it.  While I was taking the photos my not so tiny anymore kitten Rufus came to soak up the sun.

sun seeker

You can really see how short hair he is just like we were lead to believe.  umhm.


Oh well, he’s still a cutie, just a giant furry cutie.

Back to the soup, I can’t wait to unscramble the photo above and I certainly will be checking my mail box for the goodies coming my way.  Always such a fun time!  I'm feel very lucky to get to take part in this challenge and am grateful as always to Lori Anderson and company for all their efforts in making the BSBP happen.

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  1. Excited to get underway, Emma :) My soup arrived in Alberta on Friday, and the parcel from Cheryl should be at my door tomorrow (we had a 40+ cm blizzard Thursday, so all govt services were shut down. Nice for Hubby to have a day off, but bummer for the mail backlog.)

    Looks like Rufus is doing what he does best and absorbing the UV's :)


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