Sunday, 14 July 2013

focus on life–week 28–patterns

I’m a bit late posting since I was working on a craft show Saturday.  I had planned to post Saturday night but fell asleep instead.  But I really didn’t want to miss a week of these wonderful prompts we get from Sally Russick of the Studio Sublime.  This week was all about catching the patterns in our daily lives.

focus on life pattern

Here is a small snap shot of the back of my booth display.  There is a canvas in front of this metal commercial wall art that looks like a stand of trees.  I have two of these that sit in a block of wood, hinged together, great for holding all sorts of things.  I was excited to cover them in the blooming flower pendants I shared in my last post.  It’s tricky to not get disappointed when they didn’t get much attention.  Oh well.  That wasn’t the right audience I tell myself.  Tricky to not get disappointed when a lovely venue, full of wonderful vendors, on a glorious day doesn’t draw much of a crowd.  That is a pattern I hope isn’t developing.  Alas, much better to focus on the pretty patterns that are clear and not so much on the ones that are vague and beyond my control.

Looking forward as always to checking out the pretty patterns everyone else found over here on Sally’s post

ps I will attempt to add some code here and we shall see…

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  1. Re: your floral pendants: I think you may need a slide show that shares what the rest of us get to see in macro online. Real life can be so anticlimactic...

  2. That is one gorgeous display! And I agree with you...the audience must have been all wrong.

  3. I can so relate to a show that disappoints. Did one this past spring that was a total dud, even though the previous year it was great. Go figure. Your photo is great.


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